Shameless: Dad Leaves Daughter To Defend Herself From Pitbull

Dad wanted to show his little girl a big strong pitbull, for what I dont know. Everything seem normal until the pitbull wanted to get a little up close in personal with Dad. The dog owner yells out “Oh, he’s getting under that gate”. Instead of dad grabbing his daughter to protect the little innocent angel. He jumps on the car to safety and leaves her in the path of a vicious pitbull. She’s screaming for her dad to protect herself and the only thing he thinks to say to her is, “Stop, Stop crying NaNa” … She’s the one in danger down here with this pitbull while you’re on top of a car safe. You can see the dog looks at the girl as she runs away its obvious Satan wanted to harm the little girl, But God clearly stopped it. Praises to the Lord God for protecting her. This is your little girl homie. This is one of the problems with the world now, the lack of protection over our children from their father’s. I’m still at awe I cant believe what I just watched!

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