The YALI Regional Leadership Center Fellows- Nigeria Pioneering Cohort put up a master class show last Wednesday when four River Groups mounted the stage to showcase the characteristics of their respective river groups highlighting the theme; Leadership.


The program which was dubbed; Creative Night, witnessed some very refreshing, entertaining and educative stage plays from the various participants.

Nuon River Group was the first to mount the stage.

In a solemn but firm voice, the team leader of Nuon River Group, Yussif Yakubu, opened the night with his poetic recital.

The first few words that poured out of his soul evoked the spirit of unity and determination; determination to persist in the face of insurmountable challenges.

“She is a leader! The diversities and differences don’t stop me; I persist till I reach my destination,” he chanted.“No matter how tough! I persevere! In spite of the three counties and countries, I UNITE THEM ALL,” Yakubu beautifully summarized the leadership themes of the River Nuon.

Mofoluwake Kehinde, also led her Rokel River group during the night to ‘explore’ the hidden treasures buried beneath the Rokel River basin.

With a splendid cultural display in support of her poetic narration on stage during the night, the audience cheered on, while others soberly pondered on the wealth of wisdom that was being communicated artistically.

The Rokel River group message was summed up in five lines;

“In the high interior plateaus of Loma Mountain .There lies my largeness, awashed with grace and vitality.”

“My meanderings give inspiration and hope. Giving life to people is my thrill. Offering strength to the weak is my grill.”

“I am dependable, I am selfless. Everyone has a room in me.”

“I raise powerful bodies as myself ensuring a grand posterity; I am Rokel River”

“I lead the road to freedom!!”

The climax of the night was when River Group Sankarani neared the completion of their performance after their counterparts Volta River Group had drowned the audience with their amusing stage play.

Describing their River theme as “giver and reviver of life,” the Sankarani River Group indeed brought life to the otherwise superfluous water bottles.

The team unveiled a hand-made waste bin made from discarded water bottles, which was subsequently presented to the ASCON team-bringing power to their own words,“Giver of life.”

It was a night many would indeed remember as an occasion when ingenuity came face to face with art.

Mirroring certain aspects of one of the greatest speeches ever delivered by Africa’s illustrious son, Kwame Nkrumah at OAU Cairo Summit in 1964 titled; Revolutionary Path, all the performances challenged young African leaders to dream only ‘One Dream;’

To dream to live their calling for mother Africa; to challenge the tides of the ordinary and step into a destiny of hope;

To embrace diversity and take up the mantle of responsibility needed to usher this continent to its next phase of development.

Leadership is a call to service! Leadership is a call for cooperation! Leadership is a call for duty! Leadership is a Great Responsibility!!

Leadership is Africa’s GREATEST NEED!!!


Source:  G. K. Sarpong| | Raw Africa | Light Magazine Africa

YALI RLC WA Fellow | Twitter: @gideonsarpong