The capital of the Land of Hope, Owerri, Imo State is popular for its Hotels. If you have lived in Owerri, schooled there, or served there, you would know that Owerri is inundated with Hotels everywhere you go.


There is hardly a major street with more than one hotel in Owerri. After talking to a good number of people and doing a great deal of research it came down to some of the reasons I have highlighted here on why Owerri is popular for its hotels and why it makes a great destination visit in Nigeria for Tourists.


Business and Investment Opportunities = Influx of Foreign partners. The slogan for the current administration’s economic blueprint is Investment Meets Opportunity. With the influx of foreign businessmen and potential investors, it is only right that Owerri, the capital of Imo. Have the necessary infrastructure, in terms of accommodation and lodging in Imo, to host the growing number of foreigners who visit the state.

Luxurious Lifestyle

Owerri indigenes are known for a luxurious and an ostentatious lifestyle. In the local parlance, they can chop life. This luxurious living includes holding lavish parties, long stays in luxurious hotels in Owerri, and all you can eat buffet at hotel restaurants in Owerri and all the leisure and fun that comes with the hospitality of hotel stays. The demand has therefore necessitated the supply, which has made Hotels popular in Owerri.

Proximity to Major cities of Port Harcourt, Warri, Aba.

Owerri over the years has grown to become the meeting point for Brothers of the East for engagements that are outside native or traditional customs. Where Onitsha is the Market hub, and Aba is the center for manufacturing and production, Owerri is the Relaxation and Leisure Hub. And with its proximity to these other city centers, average of an hour’s drive, it makes it the go-to place for unwinding and relaxing, hence a boom in the business of Owerri hotels.



Owerri has an immense nightlife culture. Bars and clubs are open till dawn. The drinking, dancing and partying never really stops. The native music and sound are enthralling and captivating and thus Hotels have keyed into this by having top rated Clubs and outdoor bars that have contributed to the bustling nightlife of the city. The Bongo music indigenous to the people is also one that has captivated the ears of outsiders beyond its borders.


Owerri men are known to be very business oriented. Often involved in import and export of goods, general contractors, and the likes. While this business often takes them away from home, they often come back to the town where it all began to establish or set up a business that guarantees employment for many. Because of the several other factors listed in this post, Hotel and Hospitality business then becomes one of the several which they go into hence the proliferation of hotels in Owerri.


The popular opinion is that the female population in Owerri is more than the male population and I didn’t quite believe it myself until I researched the numbers available from the 2006 Population census. Not only do the women outnumber the men in the Municipal, they also do in the Owerri North and Owerri West Local governments. Hence as is the custom more traditional weddings take place in the hometown of the woman which then makes Owerri a hub for weddings every now and then, which in turn translates to more hotel stays in Owerri.


Owerri Municipal

60,882 Men

64,455 Women


Owerri West

49,968 Men

51,786 Women


Owerri North

87,094 Men

89,240 Women



Owerri is a beehive of tourism activities contrary to what many may think. Nekede Zoo. Amusement Park, Owerri. Assumpta Cathedral reputed as the biggest Catholic Church in West Africa is located right in the center of Owerri and is designed in splendid Italian architecture that is always a beauty to behold for visitors. Mbari Cultural and Arts Center. Tourist locations near Owerri include the Imo Wonderlake Resort, Amadioha Shrine, Ngwu Natural Spring, The Rolling Hills of Okigwe among others. These tourist destinations have also contributed to the hotel and hospitality industry in Owerri.

So if you have business considerations and a hotel chain is on your list, citing your hotel in Owerri might be a very wise move for you.