Ghanaian duo, Reggie N Bollie are counting their blessings after emerging second in the 2015 X Factor Music reality show in the UK Sunday night.

The Ghanaians were targeting the ultimate prize but came second to 17-year-old Brit, Louisa Johnson. They are nonetheless content with what they won on the night.

Louisa beat the Ghanaians when the votes were tallied after a star-studded finale which witnessed performances from Adele, Coldplay, One Direction and others at the Wembley.

With reports emerging that the finale was fixed for the 17-year-old, Reggy says they are still grateful for the outcomes of the reality show.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Lexis Bill on Drive Time on Joy FM Monday from the UK, Reggy said, “If we feel sad that we didn’t come in first, then we are being ungrateful to God.”

“For us to have made it to the live show we thought that was like a turning point for us” after almost 100,000 people auditioned for this seasoned show. “To have made it to the final 12, that was a big deal.”

Week in and week out, they were always among the top three from the votes and Reggy believes that the X Factor UK journey has been great and looking at the numerous talents, “for the two us to final and beating all these people to making it second, it’s great.”

For them, they knew what they stood to get by making it to the Top 4 and were very content at that stage.

Already, Reggie N Bollie are on the X Factor Tour which starts from February 2016 to March 2016 and they will be playing in 22 cities in the UK.

The musician revealed that they have signed with James Grant, one of the world’s biggest management outfits. From the numerous deals coming their way, “It is just looking too beautiful,” he added.

Shortly after Sunday’s finale, reports emerged that the duo will be signing a huge deal with one of the world’s biggest record labels, Sony Music.

Reggy wouldn’t comment on the Sony Music deal but was hopeful that “with time in a few months’ time people will know who we are signed to.”

Reggie N Bollie’s aim is to use their journey to motivate people. “To have made it to this level where every weekend I am being shown in more than 20 countries around the world…it’s crazy so you have nothing to be sad for but to celebrate.”

Louisa Johnson is reported to have bagged £1 million for winning the reality show while the Ghanaians are also reported to have received £500,000.

He wouldn’t confirm nor deny the reports but said “A lot of people are interested in the money. People shouldn’t even worry themselves about the money because those figures they sound huge but when you come into this industry here you realise it nothing to brag about.”

“The main thing that we want people to think about is the success story. We want to represent perseverance and hard work,” and it is by the grace of God that we found ourselves on this level. People should celebrate with us…the money side don’t worry yourselves about it,” Reggy added.