If you heard that a 22-year-old young man had graduated from the university, you would probably not pay any attention. You may be impressed if you are told that the young man graduated with a First Class but it may still not be much of a big deal.

But what if you heard that same young man has, not only also completed his ACCA, but completed as the best in the whole country and the third best globally, in his batch? Well, meet Alexander Dankyi Asare, the University of Cape Coast (UCC) graduate who has achieved all these aged just 22.

Alex can be likened to any other Ghanaian student as he did not have any special upbringing but his achievements so far have been more than impressive. After attending St Anthony’s School for his basic education, he gained admission into the Winneba Secondary School in 2009 where he completed in 2013 with 6As and 2Bs in the eight subjects he wrote. He then went to UCC to read Bachelor of Commerce which he completed in 2017 with First Class Honours.

With all the impressive achievements, it was his decision to enroll for the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) Accelerate programme that has brought him and Ghana international recognition. After registering in March 2016, he wrote his first Paper F6 Taxation (UK variant) in June 2016 and emerged as the Best Performing Student in Ghana for Paper F6, June 2016 sitting.
But much better things were to come as he made waves with the Paper P2 Corporate Reporting, March 2017 sitting, scoring 77% to emerge as the Best in Ghana and the third best in the whole world.

“Well, I was proud of my mark in the paper when the results were released but little did I know it was the third best in the world”, he remarked after he received the award,” the young graduate told YEN.com.gh.

Alex graduation from ACCA

Not resting on his achievements, in September, he wrote his final two papers, Paper P4 Advanced Financial Management and Paper P7 Advanced Auditing and Assurance, passing very well in both and has thus become an ACCA Affiliate.

Considering that many experienced accountants are said to struggle to get the 50% mark in ACCA’s exams, Alex’s achievements cannot be over-emphasized and it was not surprising that the ACCA itself took to Instagram to celebrate him.

Currently undertaking his national service at the Department of Accounting, School of Business (UCC) as a Teaching Assistant for Advance Financial Reporting, he divides his time between that and helping other ACCA candidates, both in Ghana and abroad, to prepare for their papers.
Alex who is sharing his story for others to be inspired has a word of advise for all.

“The difficult part of everything is the beginning. If you can start something today, that means you have the chance of completing it. Never be afraid to take the first step because if you do, one day you will certainly walk down that path. Why not start now?”

He also pointed out the hands of God in his achievement as he emphatically pointed out that, it [his achievements] were not just by his strength and abilities but open doors.