14th May 2017. If you fail to plan, you will go broke. Yet, if you do not commit enough, you will be the biggest Mother’s day flop. Because, after all,  if your mum is like mine, Mama is everything and nothing is never enough to celebrate her.


With the right planning, this mother’s day will not just be fun for mama; it will imprint your corresponding love for her in a specially memorable way. With just the right plan at the right destination, the expensive one-time luxuries will pass like just simple acts of love. You will not itch one bit.


Put the worry of what to do for mummy and ‘wifey’ to rest simply with a treat at any of these highly-rated, well spoken of hotels in Ghana. History will tell the rest of the story.

The Traditional Luxury Hotels

These hotels were built for the big occasions. When the season calls they don’t need a trumpet to rise to the occasion; it is instinctive. With Mother’s day only days away, the traditional luxury hotels in Ghana have well and truly set off. Golden Tulip Accra and Kumasi City are saying stay 3 nights and pay for only 2. Mother’s Day Brunch is also available at the hotel. Holiday Inn, on Sunday(Mother’s day), hosts the Mother’s Day Treat organised by Citi FM.


The Promising High-flying Newbies

For only 95 Ghana cedis, Oak Plaza Hotel East Legon offers you and mummy an unforgettable experience. The Bharridan Royal Hotel is a plush hotel, the sight gives the ultimate Mother’s day appeal to any family. Hill View Hotel(McCarthy Hills) is a top hide-out hotel for Mother’s Day 2017. The ambience surrounding Hill view is enough for the occasion whilst the customer service and the food offered completes your perfect Mother’s day Sunday.


‘The Every day is Mother’s Day ’ Hotels

Every day is a celebration at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel and co. This Sunday as well, expect a fully-packed beach side with plenty of activities. The attention this season is allowed. Don’t be too surprised to see bump into a Mother’s Day special with Live Band music when you visit the African Regent Hotel in Accra.


Aqua Safari Resort on any normal weekend is a top liner. On Mother’s day weekend, your expectation is sure to be meet if not exceeded. On any day, the Royal Senchi is life a trip to wonderland. Take mummy on this journey this Sunday. She will thank you un-end.


Mother’s Day is special. Mothers are special. They deserve more than just a lunch, more than a reservation at a luxury hotel. Mothers deserve more than just a day’s appreciation. Truthfully, we cannot pay back all the love and sacrifice in 2 or 3 hours.

But for all that Mother’s’ day is worth, it is the finest opportunity to do for mum that thing we will not do even for ourselves. Let’s spend this little time enriching the memories that mum has as she goes older and older. Let’s put the wide smile on mama’s face with a feeling of fulfilment for all the efforts she put in our upbringing. Let’s make this day count so well.

Whatever the relationship, you only have one mum. Give your mum and yourself a Mother’s day season of even better bonding, an enriched relationship and an expressed love. The ball just rolled into your court…


Credit: Kofi Baiden, Jumia Travel