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For some reason, I feel like this article is best suited for people who are visiting Lagos for the first time. The Abuja folks, I Just Got Back gang, Ibadan peeps who are so close yet so far away from us if you know what I mean, and every one else visiting Lagos for the first time. The reason is because I think, and I may be wrong here, but I think that Lagos folks are already heavily used to these places and so it doesn’t hold as much thrill as it used to and besides the average Amala joint probably holds more allure for the mainland homeboy than say sipping coffee in a London styled Cafe in Ikoyi.


Also, for the Lagos dwellers, these places are always there. The rest of these other guys that come in want to see everything all at once and tick them one after the other from their list. So here is a list. 10 Hangout spots you should visit if ever you grace the city of Lagos with your benevolent presence. But before you proceed, abeg wetin you bring come?


Either way, even if you are one of us and haven’t been able to tour the city as much as you would like to, take it now, plan your calendar, get your phone book out and call some friends, these are the Top Ten Hangout Spots you must visit as soon as you can. If you are in Lagos and these spots are not within your vicinity, please go and meet Tinubu for your own Governor. You aren’t really in Lagos.

1. Bogobiri House bobobiri

The uniquely designed and safari themed hotel is a hub of events and activities such as the Reggae Night, Taruwa sessions that incorporates poetry, music and comedy, Jazz night happens every second Saturday of the month among others. Bogobiri house contains a string of guest rooms, a restaurant, a bar, and a market. The interior of the building is decorated with African themed paintings, sculptures and patterns. If you are looking for a place that is different from the usual, Bogobiri is the place for you and your friends for an amazing hangout this weekend, and next weekend.

2. Freedom Park

The site of the Old Broad Street Prisons was creatively converted and put into use as a recreation and leisure park. Freedom Park plays hosts to a number of restaurants and bars as well as weekly and monthly events including The Afropolitan Vibes which is a night of live and electrifying music performances by select Nigerian artistes and the Afropolitan Band. It also holds a Wole Soyinka Art Gallery, an Amphitheater, and a museum complex. How can I not mention the amazingly delicious palm wine on offer? Make sure you find time to hang out at the Freedom Park during your time in Lagos. There’s even a tour of the old prison grounds available on request.

3. Socialiga

The Socialiga is a forthnightly event that brings the best of amateur footballers together and a teeming and enthusiastic fanbase together in a display that sees some of the finest showcase of semi-pro football on display. The event which holds at the Children International School, Lekki has a foodcourt to cater to spectators, virtual reality games, eating competitions, tug of war, and karaoke as side attractions. Football teams are divided into the Mainland and Island conferences and it is consistently a delight to see nimble young and women play their hearts out to the adulation of an adoring crowd.

4. Cafe Neo


Cafe Neo is an emerging upscale chain of Coffee outlet in Lagos. Now in its third year of running operations, they have expanded from their Ikoyi birth place to 10 outlets in the city. Aside from the wonderful assortment of pastries on offer and the deliciously brewed coffee, Cafe Neo also provides a co-working space for entrepreneurs. This is perfect as not only is it a great meeting and hangout spot, it provides opportunity for having a great working environment and networking arena for bag pack totting entrepreneurs.

5. Rele


Rele is an art gallery dedicated to providing exhibition space to contemporary African artistes and offer to the public amazing art works for consumption. Exhibitions at Rele are always to joy to attend. Not only for the art on display but also for the potpourri of vibrant, young and captivating minds who mingle and network at the showings. Did I mention that there is always wine?

6. Quilox

Wait, if you haven’t heard about Quilox, I can only shake my head for you. Even our able Governor Ambode knows how we roll and leads the way every other weekend when he isn’t working hard for we the good people of Lagos. Our Governor. Tuale! We salute you. Housed in a massive building in Victoria Island, Quilox is an exquisitely designed nightclub that plays hosts to some of the finest nightclub enthusiasts and party people in Lagos. The club also operates a restaurant, which makes for a perfect spot to hang out, party and chill with your friends, or make new ones.

7. Lekki Conservation Center


Who said Lagos is the concrete jungle of West Africa? You might want to think that again. The Lekki Conservation Center is a cordoned area of land specifically for the purpose of preserving the natural savannah habitats of wildlife such as the mana monkey, crocodiles, bush bucks, wild hogs and a host of others. If you are in love with nature and its peace and tranquil, the Lekki Conservation Center located in the Lekki Peninsula is one where you might want to go to to have a picnic and hangout with friends and family. The Lekki Conservation Center gate fee is also an affordable N1000 per head.

8. Ikeja City Mall

Located just before the State Secretariat, the Ikeja City Mall is home to fashion stores, cosmetic and beauty shops, restaurants and bars, a cinema, sport and fitness shops, arcade shop, hair salon, ATM gallery and the household grocery store Shoprite. Makes for a convenient and easily accessible hangout spot that has everything you would need for an eventful outing and entire day of hanging out with friends. 

9. Ember Creek


Ember Creek sits loftily beside the water front of the McGregor creek. Bar, restaurant and fashion boutique, its open space beside the waterfront makes for an ideal location for exclusive parties but more specifically it is a great meeting point to catch up with a friend over a drink or the range of seafood cuisine that the restaurant offers. There was no way Ember Creek wasn’t making our top ten places to hangout in Lagos. We absolutely love it and recommend it to you everyday and twice on Sunday.

10. Sailors Lounge


Touted as one of the fun places to visit in Lekki, Sailors Lounge is a sturdy bamboo shack constructed just above the waters of the lagoon. It provides its own unique range of entertainment and adds color to the city’s never sleeping nightlife. The restaurant and bar has an assortment of various drinks and meals. Makes a great place to hangout, have fun, relax, and yes, put on your Snapchat.