Kwame and Anansa just walked out of their interview rooms feeling so proud for impressing the panel at the job interview they attended in the high rising bustling business hub in Accra. With smiles on their faces, they recounted how mannered and intelligently they addressed questions being flung at them. A month gone and these two had never received feedback from the company and their worries were growing strong like a bull. Their high spirit and anticipation for an appointment became a dissapointment.
You might be wondering why they didn’t receive a call or email of their pass in the interview right! I will tell you why in the subsequent paragraph.

Most applicants believe it is the impression you give at an interview that always count to a successful job interview. I am here to refute that belief with the words of an expert in employment profiling, Carl Randolph, who will address your issues about your Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume that renders you jobless.


Applicants are usually rejected because of disorganized CV. Rough CV that doesn’t identify or represent you in your best interest can minimize your chances of passing an interview. Presentation and structure of your CV matters most to a panel of interviewers and this is because it tells a lot about the interviewee’s persona as an organised person. The sequence in your CV should be fluid for easy reading and understanding. Avoid making petty mistakes that can cost you an approval. Such mistakes are wrong email address, wrong mobile numbers and numbers which don’t push through.


All may go well with your interaction with the panel but if there are grammatical errors in your CV, then you are off the list of accepted applicants. English vocabulary for CV should be personal. Your choice of words and power of summary can give you a pace ahead in the selection of qualified prospect employees. Carl stated that it is advisable to keep your CV brief and straight forward. Grammatical errors should be avoided as much as possible because it can define your level of grammar and spelling.


Cover letters to CV is too generic. Job applicants are fond of combining CV and cover letter on the first day of interview or in applying for a job without a clear understanding of what the cover letter is and suppose to do. Companies are to request for a cover letter from an applicant when it is needed. A cover letter should only be introduced when you the applicant have fore knowledge about the company and poses the required skills the company is in search for, otherwise do not include a cover letter. According to Carl, most often the cover letters are supposed to be customized and exclusive to the company. Avoid using a general cover letter for all companies you have applied for a job interview.


One factor which can be avoidable yet job applicants don’t avoid is late submission of CV. Pro-activeness in applying for a job interview as an early bird can score you a plus in getting selected for an interview. Late submission can derail your chances of beginning the whole interview process. This is because you may lose one or two vital information passed to the early applicants and also your chance of undergoing orientation prior to the interview. When your CV is dropped late it spills out some character traits you may have as an employee and this will not give them the chance to employ you even though you may be qualified.


Decisions by panel can be made based on your inadequacy in job history and lack of involvement of having a long term experience in your career field. When you fall short, the panel may feel you lack it to make it up to the job requirement. Carl advised, “People especially students in tertiary schools should take their internship seriously, attend career development programs, capacity building programs and workshops tailored towards your career field to grow a strong working experience and intellectual understanding of your job”

After having to identify what you are doing wrong, it is time to go back to the drawing board and get things worked out properly. You can also seek a communication specialist and profile coach to assist you in becoming a better job applicant to nail that interview.

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