Games are becoming, in many ways, a form of universal language. Two games have being described as the most popular video games in Africa, they are Fifa 17 and Play Station 4.

South Africans, Francophone countries are likely to say Horizon Zero Dawn if you ask of their favourite game.
Research conducted by Cable TV showed the most searched games in various countries and South Africans can’t get enough of the PlayStation 4 video game.

The widespread international popularity of the FIFA 17 video game shows that soccer truly is the world’s favorite sport. Research shows that most sub-Saharan African countries are into FIFA 17 which is also adored by the world over. Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco and Nigeria can’t get enough of it.

Senegal play the team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter game Overwatch. Puerto Rico, Canada, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam are also fans of that game.
Algeria and Tunisia’s favourite game was the multi-player game Counter Strike Global Offensive (along with Argentina, Romania and Slovakia).


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