How great is my boss? What is the attitude of my boss? Does my boss create a conducive atmosphere at the office for me? Are my boss’ expectations realistic? Will work with my boss be a great experience or work in hell? These are some of the questions employees ask and look forward before accepting a job offer.


A boss should be a great leader, a team player, and an efficient worker. A boss should never take advantage of employees, should not be feared but be respected, should not micro-manage. The kind of boss that every employee wants to work for should possess these characteristics. A good boss should be:


Every employee would admit that they look forward to having a boss that has open communication lines. One that takes employee’s welfare to heart and shows great empathy. Open communication lines fosters an atmosphere that allows the employees to gain confidence and allows them open up and their true opinions and thoughts. “Although he is a boss, he should be down to earth, friendly and humane to understand his employees” – Desmond, Marketer.


A boss who appreciates your input is one to gladly look forward to working with and that is what majority of employees in Ghana would love their boss to do.  Yaw Ansah, an IT personnel, had this to say about how he always looks forward to his boss’ appreciative comments after a good day’s work. “I feel accomplished when my boss comes around and says, ‘great job guys, it’s a wrap!”. An appreciation from boss makes employee’s feel worthy to the company.


“I look forward to having a hardworking boss when I complete university” says Akushika a student of Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ). With certainty, I can say that no employee wants to work with a lazy boss because it eliminates progress and success in a firm. There is a popular saying, “leadership by example”. Once your boss is hard working you are motivated to give your maximum effort, because an employee is inspired by a boss who is always working hard.


“Effective communication from the superior to subordinate and vice versa is necessary in every institution, it plays a fundamental role in all facets of business”, says Professor Mark Anokye of Kumasi Technical University. An employee having good communication skills with his/her boss builds and maintains a good working relationship, facilitates innovation, creates an effective team, ensures transparency and growth of the business. So it is understandable for an employee to love the kind of boss who is a good listener.


Through my random discourse with workers, it came to my notice of how employees want to work with boss’ who are sensitive to pardon them for their mistakes and guide them around the problem. I share my experience as a young writer of having a boss who pardons my petty mistakes I make when writing my articles and corrects them whiles guiding and building me up through peer reviews, to help me become a better writer. That moment is humbling when I realize how much more I need to know. I like my boss for his patience for my writing skills.