Container Company

Apparently Kanye wants to start a “container company”, under the Lifestyle wing of Donda. So will it be like a commercial shipping company, or literally providing containers for home use? Either way, we hope Kanye’s face is on the side of the boxes.


7 Screen Movie Experience

Now this one actually sounds interesting. Kanye put “7 screen movie experience” under his Home category of Donda. But Kanye, why would seven screens be better than one big one? And have you ever tried watching a movie in VR? That is the real future.


Emoticon Autocorrect

Emoticon Autocorrect. Huh? Kanye filed this under his trademarks and patents category. While we’re not sure if this is a text-to-emoji translation service, or a literal autocorrect for when you use the wrong emoji, we’re interested either way. Hey Ye, can we get that testflight link?



KanyeHotel. YeezyHotel. Kotel?? Who knows. All we know is that if Kanye makes a hotel, we’re staying there. Yo Kanye, will there be 24-hour room service?


Survailance Technology

Surveillance Technology? What? Kanye did once release a song called Big Brother, but little did we all know it would become true one day. Apparently Ye wants to have eyes in the sky at all times, so he put this under the Protective Services category of Donda.

Also Kanye, don’t worry about misspelling surveillance, even I had to use autocorrect to get it right.


Tidal Power

Tidal! Power!

Interestingly, if Kanye actually did make this chart four years ago, than Tidal power has nothing to do with Tidal the music service, since it wasn’t out yet. Maybe Ye just sees a lot of potential in our oceans?



Apparently Kanye wants to get into the boat making business, which is totally cool with us as long as we can hitch a ride sometimes. He specifically mentioned Sunseekers, but come on Ye, everyone knows its cooler to commission a custom one.

On another note, Yatch actually makes more sense then Yacht, but we don’t think the renaming will ever catch on.