The nerve-wracking circumstances of your first meeting with a girl can provoke a lot of things in your mind, leading to strange decisions and uncontrollable talking. Well, some girls know this fact and see these bizarre moments as a part of a first-date standard set; other girls may decide that you are out of your mind and leave you on read till the end of times.


To make things simpler, we decided to talk about some questions that should never be asked during your first meeting. It won’t instantly make the Casanova of the 21st century out of you but will let you make a good impression by not seeming dumb or clueless.

“How old are you?”

Regardless of how you met each other (on the street or through some dating service), it’s not always obvious how old your potential girlfriend is. It’s not actually the question that is dangerous – it’s the consequential dialogue that may bring troubles. She might ask, “How old do you think I am?’ or, “Isn’t that clear that I am 23?!” or something even less exciting. Make it look like you somehow figured it out or just don’t really care.

“How much do you weight?”

We cannot imagine someone mentally healthy asking this on a first date. Like, why? What for? No matter if your prospective spouse looks like Cindy Crawford or Amy Schumer, asking her about weight means much more to her than you could ever imagine. Don’t make her feel imperfect, especially if you want to make this relationship work.

“With how many men have you slept?”

Oh wow. You are on the verge of losing without even starting to play. Remember one simple thing – what’s in the past should remain in the past. In the modern world, you are more likely to meet a 20-something girl that has already been in a relationship and, in most cases, has had sex with one or several partners. But as long as has no STDs, you can leave this question out. And, to be totally honest, this question is just too intimate for a first date.

“How did your last relationship end up?”

Once again, the past is in the past. During the initial stage of your relationship, women love to think that you are one and only, and all the guys that were before just vanquish from their anamnesis. Of course, in a rush of a fight, a girl may say something like, “Well, my ex wasn’t such a bad lover.” But it will happen much-much later than your first date. And for now, no exes. Only you.

“What’s your favorite position for a quickie?”

You are indeed going to have sex in a relationship. It’s also possible that she’s a beast in bed, wanting and craving every inch of your body. However, the first-date etiquette requires you to talk about sex as something distant and unnecessary, or even omitting this topic. You can discuss hot Japanese porn stars with some your friends, they will basically love this topic more than she will, or who knows… Only time will show.

“How long did it take you to get ready for that date?”

Much more than she would stay after such a question. Even if your date seems desperate and her intention to look great for this occasion or as obvious as the fact that the sun will come up tomorrow, try to act as if she was flawless no matter what. Each and every one of us has some severe or minor insecurities, and since it’s the first day you spend together, let her know that you are okay with everything about her as long as she’s sincere, just make it in a subtle way.

“Your place or mine?”

Just don’t. It’s not a date any longer after this question.


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