Christians all over the world have condemned polygamy as a sinful act. An act that goes contrary to the teachings of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. But hold it right there and think for a minute. What if we have been misled all this while? What if polygamy was indeed accepted and we have been living a lie all our lives? A profound research conducted by a very learned man of God; Pastor Daniel Eshun of the Temple of Faith Gospel Church, a lecturer and the former head of the school of Theology and Ministry at Maranatha University college located at Sowutuom in Accra revealed that polygamy might just not be as evil as we may have perceived.

Born and raised in a Christian home, I grew up learning that one man to one woman is the way of the Lord. So it was very shocking to hear this revelation from Pastor Daniel. I was therefore curious to know why he had taken such a stand and his basis for making such a bold declaration. He responded by stating that for over 200 years since the beginning of western Christianity in West Africa, the assumption has been that polygamy is non-Christian and unfortunately churches have preached this for so long that it has been accepted as the truth.

Every woman with the exception of a few desires to be a mother. Every woman desires to have a loving family with a husband and children but according to Ghana Housing and Population Census 2010, women between the ages of 15-55 are in excess of over 1.5million compared to their male counterparts of a similar age range. This statistics clearly shows that there are not enough men for all the women who are eligible for marriage in this country. Many of these single women can be found in our various churches. “What then do we do about these excess women who will never be able to find husbands because of our monogamous teachings? “

How Did Polygamy Become A Sin written by Pastor Daniel Eshun

According to his research, there is no biblical grounds to permit polygamy, however, there is also no scriptural grounds to condemn polygamy. It is simply not in the bible. What we may not know is that European culture and western missionaries influenced the idea of one man to one wife.  Great men of faith such as Abraham, Jacob, Solomon among others are known to be polygamous and these people worked directly with God. How then does God detest polygamy? Pastor Daniel also mentioned present day men of God who are polygamous citing king Mswati of Swaziland as an example of a devout Christian in a polygamous marriage.

With the findings in his research, he has published a book titled “How Did Polygamy Become A Sin” which will be launched on 12th October 2017 at the British Council Hall in Accra. The book delves deep into the controversial topic of polygamy in the church and further describes who is allowed to be in a polygamous marriage. When asked why he is not in a polygamous relationship himself, Pastor Daniel stated that he is married under ordinance which bars him from taking another wife. He stated that the church is shepherding all its members towards ordinance marriage even thought that is not the only accepted form of marriage in the country. “The laws of Ghana does not recognize Christian marriage. It only recognizes marriage by ordinance, traditional marriage and Islamic marriage so Christians should  be allowed to make an informed choice as to which type of marriage they want to have.”

In his final words Pastor Daniel Eshun encouraged us to revise our theology because God is using countless polygamous men to do his work in various nations. God doesn’t work with sinners and we should not use polygamy as a barrier to prevent people from gaining salvation.

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