There is an old saying that; it is difficult to figure out what women want and women are notoriously hard to please. This assertion is as a result of the qualities a woman looks out for in a man. Do you believe that it is impossible to fit a ladies criteria for a man? Viola! I present to you the one golden quality that can make you fit all her qualities.

Every woman has a list of the qualities she looks out for in a man. Most of these qualities are the same among all women. They have to be God-fearing, disciplined, hardworking, smart, good looking,  loyal, handsome, blah blah blah.
Personally running a questionnaire on this topic with the aim of arriving at the one common quality was the toughest challenge I experienced. Going through my respondent sheet, the variety of opinions that embraced my thoughts made me feel numb. Finding an easy way out I decided to list all the qualities I had received from women and explain for clarification on what exactly women want. Dawning on me, I realised that man isn’t perfect to have all those qualities neither is the woman to have the qualities a man desires in her.

Some top 5 personality traits women look forward to is Sense of Humor, Intelligence, Passion, Confidence and Generosity.
Some top 5 practical skills are Listening, Romancing, Being good in bed, Cooking and Cleaning, Earning potential.
Some top physical attributes are his sense of style, how handsome he is, his height, his appearance and his fitness.

In my honest opinion, the one quality all women are looking for in all that long list of qualities is STRENGTH;  a man who is strong and has the strength to accomplish a lot. This strength I speak of is physical, spiritual and mental. What then is strength?

It is the ability to consistently provide near-perfect performance in a specific activity. The key to building strength is to identify your dominant talent, then complement them by acquiring knowledge or skills pertinent to the activity. Synonym to strength is robustness, firmness, toughness, soundness, solidity, stability, might, energy, capacity and to be secure.

Here the basic idea is that women are looking for men who are strong enough to work towards the traits they desire. Men must be capable to have that strength to resist other women who flirt and lure them to cheat in order to meet the loyal/faithful criteria.

Men should gather the strength to be intelligent in their field of work, toughness to be hard working to yield results that can increase their earning potential. Men must have that strength ability to be generous, patient, kind, caring, romantic and so have you.

Women need to see the strength in you (men) to prove that you can be morally upright. A strong man can stand by her woman through happy moments, challenging situations and be her strong pillar she can clench to when the winds are strong. Be the man of strength who will always be there for her, appreciate and encourage her. It is just a simple quality, the quality of strength.

You want her? Go get her but make sure you have that strength!