A lot of people have bright ideas. Ideas that can change the world; make transportation easier and more affordable like Uber, ideas to keep friends connected to each other like Facebook but most of these ideas come to naught for a simple reason. They lack the right team to see this dream through. Asoriba started with an idea and like most entrepreneurs, they saw a problem that needed to be solved but what made them successful is the team that came together to push the idea forward.


According to co-founder and chief technology officer, Patrick Ohemeng Tutu, Asoriba Inc. offers two services. A web application which church leaders use to manage membership, communication and finance of the church as well as attendance of its members. They also have a mobile app which is designed purposely for church members to stay connected to the church, communicate among themselves and also give back to the church in the form of offerings and tithes. It is basically designed to keep church leaders connected to their members not only on Sundays but throughout the week.

Asoriba web and mobile application

As a first time user of the Asoriba app, you are assured of a total Asoriba or church member experience coupled with a variety of functions and choices. This is what to expect when you download the app.

  1. Stay connected with your church: Stay connected with the body of Christ even when you’re constantly on the move, turn on notifications to receive announcements from your cells/groups and church leaders in real time.
  2. Get devotionals promptly on your phone: Devotions for your daily inspiration is sent by your church, and allows you to have deep and focused scriptural discussions via our commenting feature.
  3. Pay your tithes and offerings conveniently: Contribute to the church’s progress and development, both spiritually and financially no matter where you are. You are notified in real time once the church receives your contribution.
  4. Be social, share and communicate: Join groups/cells in your church, communicate, share and stay connected to the family, which is critical for your spiritual growth as a child of God.

Founders of Asoriba: Nana Prempeh (left), Saviour, Patrick, Jesse (Right)

As part of the school’s capstone project, Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of technology (MEST) requires that students form groups every three months and come up with solid business ideas which can grow into globally scalable businesses. It is in this regard that Patrick, Nana Prempeh, Saviour and Jesse came together to form Asoriba. “The four founding members met and realised that church was a common trait among us and as a matter of fact technology was lagging behind in the church space. After validations with several churches, there was indeed a real pain in church administration hence, Asoriba was born.” – Patrick. The capstone project allowed them form various teams and simulate various business models but none was successful until this team was formed. It was as if all the pieces to the puzzle had been found and placed in their right places. Their idea gained a lot of traction and was hence rolled out as a full time business. Patrick believes team work is important in reaching your entrepreneurial dream. “People know things you don’t and also have resources you don’t have so when you come together, you complement each other and have the synergy to execute your project.”  He added that people have different skills set as well as character traits but to succeed as a team, you need to look beyond your individual differences and focus on the ultimate goal while exploring more of your strengths instead of weaknesses.

Asoriba: Winners of Seedstars competition

Asoriba is less than two years old but has already caught international attention. They have gone on to win several awards in Ghana and Africa with notable international media houses like CNN and Forbes featuring them on their websites.  Three months in operation, they entered the SeedStars start-up competition organised in Ghana and emerged the best start-up in Ghana. Three months after that, they pitched for the continental start up competition in Morocco and were adjudged the best start-up in Africa. They competed in the world event but they came up short. “It was an eye opener and it exposed us to a lot of opportunities, the media and a whole lot of deals and customers”.  They have over 10,000 downloads for their mobile app and about 1,500 churches signed up to their web application. They are also expanding gradually to the rest of the Africa with close to 40% of their subscribers coming from Nigeria and South Africa.

Patrick  believes that perseverance and team spirit is what has brought them this far and to quote Steve Jobs, “the journey is the reward”.


Visit Asoriba at www.asoriba.com or visit the playstore to download the Asoriba Mobile App