Not every entrepreneur starts his business or pursue his ideas instantly. Some start out as employees or apprentices for other businesses and then gradually build up the skills, experience and potential client base needed to set out on their own. Some businesses are a bit easier to manage than others especially for those who have never actually owned a business before.

Ideas are an entrepreneur’s valuable asset in putting up a business and if you have none in mind or a skeletal idea as a business plan it is advisable you seek for help.

Odelia Sika-Ntiamoah Boampong is a young Ghanaian entrepreneur who is helping to change growing youth unemployment on the continent. She precisely addresses important entrepreneurial issues such as, why an entrepreneur needs direction and why you need to pitch your business ideas to experts in order to set that business rolling successfully.


Africa has issues with statistics that is why it is relevant for young entrepreneurs who seldom have a clue about the business world to get a solid idea pitched with valid statistic to back that business idea. When experst are consulted, they offer you the opportunity of meeting experienced people who can advice you on how to thrive in the business market. Odelia stated that, “you can identify your market, raw materials and people who will patronise your products when you involve an expert to have a look at your business plan.”


Business ideas pitched by an emerging entrepreneur often connects them to other more established business men and organization and acquire more knowledge to become abreast with the nitty-gritty of owning a business. Good ideas open an entrepreneur to high profile client and followers. It is through this connectivity your business can have the launching pad to shoot out. Odelia made mention of connecting her client ‘HP Bakery’ to My Joy Business Van which was a good platform for her client to rebrand her business.


Business organization and entrepreneurs constantly need fresh ideas because your idea for a project may be out-dated or colloquial hence the need for a refreshing idea either from in-house team or out-source the team.  Ideas can become a form of leverage for an entrepreneur or business organization. According to Odelia it was through an idea pitched to a generational bakery company named HP Bread that saw the new successor of the company move from the traditional mode of selling bread on the streets to having a social media platform which showcases their bakery and promotes their products.

In a nutshell, every business begins with an idea, and these ideas are your most valuable currency in becoming successful.