General Manager of Chocolate City Music, one of Nigeria’s biggest music record labels, Ibukun Abidoye has stated that, Ice Prince’s decision to exit the record label was inevitable.


According to her, it wasn’t due to any misunderstanding as speculated on social media.

She revealed this to Ghanaian journalist Pamela Boateng during a music conference held at Tulip Inn in Accra recently.

When asked about the reaction of the record label in the wake of Ice Prince’s decision to exit, Ibukun, affectionately called Aibee, responded; “I think it’s inevitable. It’s a growth pattern. It’s still love. In fact, we still do a lot of music with him. Five Music, which is another arm of Chocolate City, just released his last single so it’s not hard feelings at all. He’s been with the brand for a long time; he had invested with the brand, and I think it’s only normal to want to go places all by himself.”

She continued, “I don’t think we took it anyway. We are still very supportive of his brand and he’s still supportive of everybody on the platform. M.I and I talk to him; he can call me and ask legal questions and things like that. I think it’s only normal and is expected. Any label that expects their artiste to stay and die there is not realistic. The ones that do, that’s great; but if they (artists) feel they’ve outgrown you, that is ok. That’s what you want; you want them to outgrow you.”

On May 19, 2016, Nigeria’s Cool FM tweeted Ice Prince’s exit from Chocolate City Music which he confirmed later on the same station.

During the interview, Ice Prince made it clear that his contract with the label expired two years ago and due to his personal relationship with the label owners, decided not to make it public.