Breakups are always tough. For people who have been together for long, having to go their separate ways is such a painful decision to make. For this reason, some people are scared to leave toxic relationships even when they realise that things are not working between them as they should. You finally decide it is time to call it quits. Who delivers the heart-breaking news? It is no coincidence that most girls do the breaking up. My research has shown that most guys would prefer to be on the receiving end and their reasons are below.

1.  Makes it easy for the lady:

Guys prefer being broken up with, to make it easy for the lady to move on. Guys are well aware of how emotional ladies are and how a break up can mess them up completely so if the lady is the one asking for the break up the pain is less than when she is on the receiving end. “I usually give hints but allow the lady to break up with me so that it won’t hurt her as much. I can live with the pain but I cannot say the same for women” — Ekow, Teshie.

 2. Not look bad:

When you break up with your girl, people are quick to judge the person who suggested the breakup. Whether it was your fault the relationship failed or not, you automatically become the villain in everyone’s eyes. Most guys do not want to deal with the stress of explaining to everyone why they broke up with their partner. They would rather allow the ladies to break up with them so that they don’t look bad and also win some pity points. “The only reason why I won’t breakup with her is because I don’t want to be the bad person. Also I get to be the victim and get people to sympathize with me”.—Adjei, Kumasi.

3. Sankofa (Future come back):

This is for those who are looking to get back with their exes after breaking up.

“If you break up with your girl, you break her heart and the chances of coming back with her reduces significantly. She will hate you and wouldn’t come back but if she breaks up with you, she is hardly heartbroken so getting back with you is easier. Even if it is not out of love, it could be out of loneliness or pity. Either ways you can get her back and try to make things work between you two.” – Evans, Dansoman.

 4. To get more girls:

Pity is such a powerful emotion and some guys use it to their advantage. When your girl breaks up with you, as the victim you get a lot of attention and pity from people. Guys get this attention and pity from other ladies and through this they get to score with the new ladies. Talk about strategy!! “Eyy so she broke up with you? Hmm don’t mind her I am always here for you. These are some of the things the ladies told me when my girlfriend broke up with me last year. Truth be told I scored with a few of them after a week of being heartbroken. Works like a charm!!” Selorm,  McCarthy Hill.