The mother of two runs a successful business supplying car manufactures with specific parts required for the construction of automobiles.

Hayley Eagle is a mother of two, a boy and a girl, who started her own company 6 years ago, Jamsco Automotive Assemblies.

She won a tender to supply Ford with a range of assemblies and brackets. Eagle says that it is a very competitive industry and only the highest level of excellence is accepted

She has recently won a tender to supply the Ford Motor Company of South Africa’s Silverton assembly plant.

Eagle was partnered with Sodecia an industrial corporation operating worldwide as a full-service supplier of chassis, powertrain, and body-in-white commodities.

Eagle Harley supervising production at Jamsco

The mother of two is extremely proud of what she has accomplished. Jamsco is named after Eagle’s two children, Jamie and Scott, and successfully won a contract to supply Ford with the rear axle, front hub, struts and stabiliser bar assemblies according to

One of the parts that Jamsco supplies are a Z-bracket which is what the company is famous for producing. Eagle is very proud of herself and credits her hard work, determination and strong character as the factors which have made her a success in a male-dominated industry.

The bubbly and friendly mother of two revealed that her dream to succeed was made possible with the help of Automotive Industry Development Centre (AIDC). She says that working with major international companies leaves very little room for error and only the best succeed.

Her patented Z-bracket is made in Argentina and locally in South Africa. Jamsco employs 45 people and Eagle believes that it is a responsibility of small and large businesses to create employment.
Hayley Eagle believes that companies have a responsibility to provide employment. Coming from a poor family, Eagle is very aware of what her company means to her family and the families of those that work for her.