I asked some women in Accra to share their worst dating experiences with me and they recounted some funny but sad moments in their dating lives. Their stories are below;

1. “I once went out with a guy, very handsome and successful. A replica of Ashton Kutcher if I may exaggerate a bit. We went on a weekend get away in one of his hotels in krokrobite, we sat at the beach having a romantic time and this guy starts laughing at his own jokes. I was trying so hard to be polite but this guy was just lost in our conversation. He was just detached and incoherent. That was when i realised that the guy was high on weed. The next morning we went surfing and he did his “thing” with friends Again!! My God all that while, I was thinking to myself that I was never going to see him again. Thankfully, on our way back to Accra he drove well and got me home safely. I have not spoken to him since!”  –Rosetta, Dzorwulu.


2.  “I met this guy at a mutual friend’s birthday party. He was not just smart, he had the looks too. A good conversationalist, or so I thought. We talked most of the evening about stuff; politics, economics, education, work, and we gossipped about other people who were at the party too. Before we parted ways, he asked for my number and proposed a dinner date the following weekend. I didn’t hesitate and said yes! Dinner day finally came and a couple hours before we meet at the restaurant, I got a text message from him that read, “hey bitch, wanna suck my dick after dinner? There’s nice hotel nearby.” I couldn’t believe what I was reading so I texted back, ” I beg your pardon? ” and he replied “Just answer already! Yes or no?” So angry, I answered with a big NO, told him to go to hell, and blocked him! Long story short, the dinner never happened! LOL”  –Bernice, Ridge.


3. “I will never forget December 2012. I went on a date with a guy and he asked me to go see his place after drinks. I declined and  said another time. Before my very eyes, he stood up, paid for the drinks and just left! Unfortunately for me I didn’t take any money and left my phone on charge in my room. I had to walk from Madina to East Legon around 9pm. I was so embarassed, I never mentioned this to anyone.”  – Cindy, East Legon.

4. “One fine Saturday, le boo decided to take me out to Papaye. Back then, Papaye was fresh paaaa and Osu was the ish. We were having a wonderful time, food was par excellence, conversation was just on point when a call came through. Le boo answered the call from the would-have-been-mother-in-law and despite telling her that he was out with a friend, specifically a lady friend, she still wanted to see him ASAP.  Would you believe this fine boy on romantic date dropped cash for me to pick a taxi to Mamprobi and left to go see his mum at Teshie?? That was it for me! Though quite young then, I knew I wouldn’t and could never deal with a mummy’s boy. Ahh!!” —Naa Lamley, Cape coast.


5. “It was with this cool “chrife” guy who decided to mess up my birthday for me. He picked me up from home and our first stop was a fuel station, he somehow got me to topup his money to fuel his car. I was so pissed but remained calm. Halfway through the journey, he was stopped by the police because his sticker had expired and he had to pay his way out of trouble. That one too he took my money. That moment I wanted to leave him but being a nice person, I decided not to leave him in his trouble moments. We finally made it to the restaurant and I placed my order, this guy said he was ok. Before I could say “fi” he had requested for a fork and was already sharing one plate of rice with me!! I wanted to kill him. As if that was not humiliating enough,when we were done, he pulled his wallet to pay but was short of money so he asked me to topup with GH5.00. That was the last time I saw or spoke to him.” — Nana Abena, Buokrom Estate.

Do you have a bad date experience? Share it with us, we want to hear your story.