These stories are unscripted and some have strong language.


1. I was dating this guy for 6 months everything was rose petals and I was in love. In the sixth month, he took me to a party and told me to dress to kill. I thought I was dressing for “my boo” so I was looking fly and sexy. During the course of the night, nigga left me alone and I realised that guys were just staring at me. Some wanted to talk to me but I politely turn them down. Boo came back and ask we leave. He took me to this posh hotel and told me to go to a room that he would be back in a minute. I went to this room to meet another guy there. I was legit confused before it became crystal clear he has sold me for the night. I never saw him again. –Reneé, Osu

2. So I had just gotten out of a really bad relationship. A close friend who knew everything I had gone through with my ex, seen me break down in tears several times expressed his feelings for me. He was really sweet and I was broken so I welcome the attention with open arms. He never officially asked me out but we used to vibe. We finally took making out too far and it ended in sex. His dick was the size of my index finger, but I already really liked him so I had fake moan and fake cum and all the theatrics. Then out of the blue he starts being distant. I somehow believed it was my fault and tried to patch things up. I invited him over and we start to make out and stuff. I started to smell something menthol. Whiles penetrating, my pussy was burning like a motherfucker. He had rubbed “aboniki” (ointment) on his dick before fucking me!!! I gave him the silent treatment as I walked him to the junction to get a cab. He didn’t even apologize. He gets home and text me “I have a girlfriend, sorry” then he blocks me. I used my sister’s phone to text him and what do I see? A collage of him and his girlfriend with the caption “I love my boo” I died a thousand death. – Fatima, Nima

3. So I was dating this guy he used to ask for sex a lot, I was a virgin then. He will be saying he’s horny and making me feel bad. So one day I was at his place and he practically raped me. After we had sex nigga wasn’t romantic anymore. I didn’t complain because I was in too deep and he took my virginity after all. Plus he was financially unstable so I used to support him by starving so I had give him my money. Later this guy won’t answer my calls or text me. I will even stoop so low, cry and beg him to speak to me. He will just tell me he is busy. I still didn’t leave. He eventually broke up with me and told me he didn’t love me anymore because we weren’t “connecting”. I later found out I was a laughing stock among his boys. Imagine how I felt, soo used. I wouldn’t eat or even go out of my room. –Edinam, Koforidua

4. This boy and I were talking for a while. It wasn’t official and I wanted it to be. I dropped hints and he picked them up. He told me he wanted us both to settle in school first. I said cool, later this guy out of nowhere came to confess to me that he had another girlfriend. He said he loved us both and didn’t know how. At this point I was too deep to just leave. Believe me I tried, I called him up and told him I wanted to work things out, I didn’t know what I wanted to work out. I kept telling myself he still felt something for me so the whole situation wasn’t completely useless. About a month later he came over to my place telling me he had gotten rid of the girl and that he wanted me. I got lost in the sauce as expected. Fast forward, I texted and called him every day, I was trying to keep his love with me. This boy begun to act weird, not texting me back and shit. I confronted him and he told me he wanted to break up because he realized he can’t do a long distance relationship with me. Same time I realised he was posting pictures of some particular girl a lot. I asked about her and told me she was his best friend and heartbroken so he was trying to cheer her up. About three months later I found out he had been dating this best friend of his. Man I nearly went mad. I was getting suicidal thoughts and shit. Glad to be still here. – Barbara, Tema

5. Terrible! I was with this guy for a year; cooking, cleaning and doing “housewife” chores. Plus when he comes home (whatever the time is) he will bang me and just go to bed. Like that was all I meant to him only for me to find out that he had about three other girlfriends that he took out for the movies and some of them came to sleep over whenever I wasn’t around. I broke up immediately. Ladies don’t do wifey shit for a guy that won’t appreciate! I repeat it’s just a broken heart trap. – Nana Aba, Legon

6. First let me say that never ever be in a shitty relationship with the excuse that he will change or that’s who he is. Girl you deserve better. Had this guy, we were like perfect. I was madly in love and his parents loved me. We dated for almost 2 years. We used to hang out almost every day. Out of nowhere he started changing, won’t pick my calls, won’t call me back, won’t reply my text, use this girl as his DP. I never bore and kept making an effort because I didn’t want to give up and he was all I wanted. I zoned all my friends for this nigga. He had nothing and I used to give him everything from shoes to clothes, dates to money. A day to my birthday, this boy calls me to tell me “the love has faded and he needs space” he wants out. I couldn’t think far so I went to his house, got there, and he was with his boys and this girl who was always on his DP wearing his basketball jersey. Without thinking I got on my knees crying and begging because he broke my virginity so I really didn’t want to lose him. This boy embarrassed me and sacked me from his house with that girl on-looking and laughing at me. I have never been humiliated to that extent ever. I cried all I could and few days later he texted me saying he is sorry and we had to talk so I went to his place. He fucked me 3 rounds fine. I went home happy and excited to meet a text from him saying “don’t think we are back together, I just wanted closure” and blocked me. My world was falling. I totally lost my mind especially when he didn’t apologize for banging and breaking up with me the following day. – Agyeiwaa, Tema