Social media is the fastest growing new media in the world. With our increasingly connected society, building a social media presence is as common as breathing air. Whether you are operating a brick-and-mortar company, or an online startup, thoughtfully employing social media can help you increase your visibility, customer base and profit. One key is carefully linking your social media activity to your business strategy. Here is a student entrepreneur who begun and sustained his business through social media.


Nana Yaw Abrantie is a student of Accra Institute of Technology pursuing a BSC degree in IT, runs a business on Instagram and with the company name Abrantie Online Outlet. He formerly used his instagram account as a personal page to update his followers on the activities he carried out until he was advised by his very good friend Jideon to start up a business through his instagram handle. Abrantie deleted all his personal images and turned his page into an online outlet by first selling iPhone accessories. His followers was then 5,000.

Abrantie now has 60.4k followers and customers who buy and keep up with stock on his online outlet

It was rough in the beginning as he started the business using his savings in purchasing goods online to be shipped to Ghana. The business begun with challenges as there was low patronage of iPhone accessories. They cast a wider net.

Diverting to sell other products and accessories which will target a large market, Abrantie Online Outlet has become a famous name in the fashion arena in Ghana, known for selling branded goods.



Nana Yaw Abrantie had these inspiring experiences on how he started his business through social media to share with you.

  1. Brand yourself and your business name to suit your products and services.

    Nana Yaw spoke of how he chose the name Abrantie which means “Gentleman” in the Akan language. He focused his products mainly on quality and original men’s accessories for men who want to look stylish and classy. Every gentleman looks dapper when he wears the right brand and accessories.

    2.Start with a partner to assist you with funding and managing of  social media handles.

    Abrantie admitted not beginning this journey all alone. He spoke of his friend Jideon who helped him in managing the social media platforms they used as business and funding of items purchased online. He was a great partner who believed in his agenda and worked hand in hand with him to fufill it.

    3.Don’t make profit your major goal when beginning to sell online.

    Abrantie recalls breaking even when he began to sell online. Seldom having losses here and there, that did not deter him from achieveing that goal of  becoming a big brand when it comes to online sales. Today, he makes more profit enabling him to sustain his online outlet.

     4.Be consistent from the beginning with your products.

    Looking forward to becoming a big brand  on social media, Abrantie became consistent with the purchasing of men’s collections such as shoes, belts, watches, shirts, sunglasses, clutches and wallets from the best designers all over the world.

    5.Have the patience to do business and try to tolerate your followers.

    Running a business through social media can be very demanding especially when your customers who are mostly your followers want frequent update on the newest products purchased and in stock. Some customers or followers have bad attiude which without patience and tolerance can cause you to lose their business.

    6.Work on your followers and that means follow people for people to see you.

    Today, he has over 60,000 followers who are constantly buying his items and making his business a go to online shopping destination for men accessories. Best part of getting a lot of followers and expanding his business from Instagram to Facebook is his delivery services and quality of products. Furthermore, he is able to sell to people all over Ghana as a result of using social media as his start-up platform.

As a young student entrepreneur willing to succeed in the field of online business, Abrantie advices

“Have the patience to endure, determination to push through and courage to believe in what you are doing.”

Abrantie’s dream is not limited to just social media business. As an IT student, he is creating a website to engage other social media business men and women to convey and sell their products on one platform so as to reach a larger market and hopefully internationally.