Vroom vroooooommm!!! Yes these are the sounds of the new toys in town. Sounds from karts at the A1 Raceway at Devtraco Estates in Tema Comm. 25.

A1 Raceway is a newly opened go kart center in Accra for residents of Devtraco Estates as well as the general public. Kart lovers will appreciate the beautiful architecture of the raceway especially the concrete flooring which ensures a highway feel when driving. The track has been carefully designed to provide the most exciting and safe racing experience. Chicanes, hairpins, straights and plenty of space for overtaking opponents, provide the most fun on four wheels for the pro and novice alike. The best part of it all is that the karts are powered by Honda GX270k1 engines, which ensure equal acceleration, guaranteeing that all drivers have the most competitive karts available.

Go Karts powered by Honda GX270k1 engines

Welcome to the world of go karting in Ghana, which is gradually becoming a well-established indoor event and has proven itself to be innovative and safe fun for people of all ages.

Although A1 Raceway is new, the facilities and services provided will ensure that you and your family and friends will not be disappointed. A1 Raceway has a dedicated and experienced team who will readily help you every step of the way, leaving you free to experience the excitement that karting has to offer. Before a race, you will be taught the basics of kart racing and also the dos and don’ts. This is to ensure safe driving for all people while having optimum fun. A protective helmet and a head net will be provided as well before you start that fast life.

Staff at A1 Raceway

Whatever your budget is, A1 Raceway has a package that will suit you. They run single eagle packages, double eagle packages, happy hour packages and also membership packages. Whatever suits your pocket, make sure you sign up and enjoy the thrills of kart racing. You can check their pricing here. Other facilities available at the Devtraco entertainment center are the wonderland, which is an amusement park for children and Quick Fix which serves food for famished revellers.

It is important to note however, that, per the rules of the raceway, if a customer consume more than two drinks of alcohol, at the raceway or the track attendants feel like a customer has consumed more than the maximum alcohol limit, they will be prevented from using in the go-kart facilities. This is entirely at their discretion and in this instance may not refund deposits of drivers who are excluded for this reason. The same goes for smoking of any form. The goal is to create a family environment for people of all ages.

If you think you are a pro, then get ready for the biggest kart racing championships coming to A1 Raceway very soon. Seize the opportunity to show your skills and gain that bragging rights as the best kart driver in Ghana.

I’ve started my engine and I will see you at the finish line! A1 Raceway….Where the city plays, Accra’s #1 Raceway.