A career as an artist can be exciting and different every day. This satisfaction comes from making the finest unique art pieces that can be used by everyone.

Sena Ahadji is one of Ghana’s finest artist shaping the art industry in the country. She calls herself a creative due to her enriched knowledge in graphic designing and visual Arts. After graduating from the School of Art and Design in Coventry University in 2011, she worked in digital printing for a year before moving to Ghana in 2013.

She worked in events as a Personal Assistance but still was plagued by thoughts of pursuing her passion to become an established Artist. Eventually a time came for her to go in a new direction. Her first attempt was Moment Catchers with a dear friend. Their goal was to capture treasured moments, document life and create animated stories. Whiles at Ispace, she was approached by a group of friends to join them on a quest to establish Besrami as the official photographer. After careful evaluations, Moment Catchers and Besrami did not come to fruition.

At an Oxford street fair in 2015, Sena met Joshua Tetteh founder of Akooshi (the Ga name for coconut) and he introduced her to some ideas he had of up-cycling coconut shells into money savers. Intrigued by this, she was asked to develop some concepts for the money savers which led to her partnering with Joshua to form Craft Freaks.

Joshua(left) with Sena(right)

“You must be careful of the people you choose to work with, have the same vision for a successful business. Where you are weak with a particular skill, find someone who is strong in that field and form a partnership.”

Craft Freaks as its name suggest will celebrate the craftsmanship of the creative. It is a platform where Joshua and Sena will merge their expertise to innovate and develop products of both aesthetic and quality use. Craft freaks aims to be innovative, creative, green and eco-friendly.
Sena and Joshua have set up a shop which showcases their art and crafts work opposite the Jokers Night Club on the Labadi beach road.

I left the interview with the impression that it is important to educate yourself in whatever field you want to thrive in, also by not letting your surrounding determine your outcome, start with whatever you have from wherever you are and most importantly, never forget to be grateful.

Here are a few words of wisdom Sena has to share from an Artist perspective.

1. Be creative

2. Be consistent

3. You can use social media as an effective marketing tool

4. Time management and being organized goes a long way

5. Start from where you are with what you have.


IG: https://www.instagram.com/akooshi_gh/
Contact :0207947359