If you want your quick sex to be really memorable, remember that the main thing here is spontaneity. In order not to lose the rhythm and mess up such a romantic moment, it’s better to look for inspiration in advance and try something fresh, for example, making it in an unusual place or mastering a new sex position for quick sex. It’s important not overdo it with experiments because speed is a key aspect here. But, which is more important, you should remember about protection!


When you simply don’t have time to reach your bedroom, look around and see what can help you to kindle the fire of passion at this particular moment. The more creative you are at this moment, the more fun you both will have. You don’t even need to undress because this is the moment of I-want-right-here-and-right-now passion. We’ll teach you how to have sex quickly.

Secret weapon

If you suddenly have this spontaneous feeling that you want a quick sex, remember that your partner may not be ready to get down to business immediately. So keep some moisturizer in your bathroom just in case. We hope that these quick sex facts will bring something new into your relationship. whether you are looking for brides for dating or for just a one-night stand.

Dinner table

Let your partner lay her back on the table, slightly rising on her elbows and throwing her legs on your shoulders. This classic position is comfortable enough for both of you and creates excellent conditions that will help her reach bright orgasm.


A staircase can be a pretty useful thing when it comes to finding unusual places for sex. If the difference between your and your partner’s height is big, then let the girl stand on her knees a few steps above you and turn her back. This will create the perfect angle to achieve maximum enjoyment when having quick sex. In this case, both of you will be in a sufficiently stable position to caress yourself or each other without any discomfort.

Kitchen worktop

Quick sex in kitchen is an old classic. Let passion take control of you in the kitchen and make it right on the worktop. If there’s any food at hand that you can use in the process, you can make your quick sex even more interesting and fun.


Let’s admit that the couch is incredibly convenient for many sexual positions. Just sit on it and lower your legs to the floor as if you’re going to watch the evening news. Let the girl sit on you from above, spreading her legs and controlling the rhythm. You can sit face-to-face, or she may turn her back to you; if she is facing you, she can strengthen the senses by leaning back and placing her hands on the floor. She can also use the back of the couch for a good old doggy style. No professional acrobatic moves and lots of fun.

Hands up

You can know your partner’s body from head to toe, but when was the last time you felt such a strong passion that you wanted to have sex up against the wall? This position, which many couples actively use at the beginning of relationships, gets forgotten when both partners pass that phase of stability, and their feelings fade a bit. Don’t underestimate the pleasure this position gives. Push your partner back against the wall of the hall, entrance, toilet, office, living room, kitchen or your dining room (basically, any room will do just fine) and let her embrace your torso with her legs while doing all the other work.

Morning shower

You don’t have to take a shower alone or at least spend all the time in it washing. When getting into the shower together with your loved one in the morning, you risk missing your train or bus, but this risk will only spice up your moment of passion. A morning shower is a great place to master one of the most exciting positions for sex while standing up and bring a bit of variety to your intimate life.



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