When the investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas of Ghana released damning tapes of corruption in the Judicial Service of Ghana, it was evidently over for many of the judges. Some of the judges even opted to resign right away, whiles others were reported to have contemplated suicide. There are certain deadly career mistakes that can spell doom for every executive. It may not be as serious as what the judges in Ghana may have done, but it can be important enough to put you in a very uncomfortable position. Here are very basic mistakes every executive should avoid.

Dumping your books

The day you give up on learning, you relinquish your seat at the top of the professional ladder. Even if you run your own business, refusal to learn new skills and adopt innovative ways of rendering services will ultimately ensure that you run out of business. Many years ago, the services of typists were in high demand around the world, today such skills are considered outdated. If you were a typist 20 years ago and you refused to learn nothing new about computers, you will surely be out of business today. Keep up with technology’s lightning-fast progress, and keep up with the latest best practices in your field of work. Anything short of this may spell doom for you ultimately.

Giving bribes

Zimbabwe’s Divine Ndhlukula cautioned other business executives against giving bribes when she stated, “We never give bribes because the moment you start giving somebody a bribe today, they expect you to give them a bribe every other time. And you know you cannot do business that way.” Giving bribes does not only expose your future exploitation, it is a crime for which as an executive you may lose your business and even face jail time. People may consider giving bribes as an effective way of facilitating their business interests in this part of the world, but always have it at the back of your mind that it will come back to bite you so bad when you least expect it.

Lack of respect

Always treat others with respect and be professional. Avoid gossip and inappropriate language at all times. Just one unprofessional or disrespectful moment could ruin a career opportunity such as promotion or a new opportunity. It always pay to be polite, humble and circumspect in your utterances.

Not giving it your all

Nobody might commend you when you put in your best at all times but be rest assured that someone will definitely notice the effort you put into your work and give you the right raise or promotion at the right time. There shouldn’t be any excuse as to why you are not delivering your best. As an employer or employee, be the best version of you as often as you can and don’t be afraid to take on new challenges or opportunities.

When you avoid these basic mistakes that can spell doom for career, coupled with hard work, you are sure to rise to the top of your professional ladder.


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About the Author, G.K. Sarpong

G. K. Sarpong is an author and founder of Christian Thinkers Community (CTC), a multidimensional organisation headquartered in Accra, Ghana. Sarpong also writes for several media firms across the continent of Africa and a guest writer and editor for various international journals and newsletters including Light Magazine Africa, The Revolution Journal and Christian Thinkers Journal. Sarpong has authored over seven books and hundreds of articles, some of which include Entrepreneurship Africa, Develop the Master in You, Building Success and Answers to Life’s Foundational Questions.