As Michael frantically searched the entire breadth of Kotoka International Airport for his estranged wife and children; who were fleeing back to London after years of chaotic cohabitation, he wondered if this was what rock-bottom looked like.

Michael was born in Ghana but lived most of his youth in England. When he turned 19, he was employed as a manager of a thriving nightclub, earning £ 10,000 a weekend.

His career choice went hand in hand with a lifestyle of excess, including heavy partying with England’s elite, luxurious purchases and exposure to the most exhilarating drugs that money can buy. At first, his cocaine use was manageable, a perk necessary for handling the challenges that being a night owl brought.

It made him feel vigorous, and more importantly, invincible – his constant companion gave him superhuman powers to take on each day head on. But soon, the urge to use this new companion of his became stronger, overwhelming, and soon one line became five, until each night was a white, doped up blur. After living recklessly for years, the time came for him to settle down and become a family man. He married a wonderful lady who understood and accepted him, flaws and all.

England was home, but deep in his heart, he felt that Ghana was the best place to raise his children with good morals and values. So in 2004 he flew his family back home to start anew, cocaine addiction in tow.