If you know a little about Africa, you would know that its a land that offers talent like no other. Whether it be singing or software, we do have a lot many talented people out there. And yet, while everyone plays a role in making Africa develop, its perhaps the entertainment industry that creates bonds like no other.


A Look at Africa

With a population of about 1 billion people, Africa as a continent, serves as a market for entertainment that many other countries can’t provide. Sports, music, movies, from the biggest industries are all tailored to suit an American audience rather than having a multi-cultural outlook.

However, things are now changing as the entertainment industry is understanding the value of including a multi-ethnic program for their wide ranged audience. Sports too serves as a great entertainment, which is why, several of the continent’s football teams are now in FIFA World Cup 2018. This has given rise to the Betway sports betting, which allows people to bet on their favourite teams at any given match and win money.

A Look at Africa’s Entertainment Industry

The entertainment industry too has changed a lot in the past few years and has opened its arms for the Africans and subsequently, their multi-cultural audience. In the international entertainment industry, the changes are finally visible. WizKid recently became the first African to win a Billboard Award for his song One Dance. In 2018, Black Panther became one of the highest grossing movies of all time. The film features a highly dominant African cast in all their glory rather than their previously stereotyped forms.

Why is the Entertainment Industry Growing Today?

So, what is it that is propelling the growth of the African entertainment industry? Africa’s entertainment industry has also gotten a boost due to the power of Internet and social media. Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa are some of the biggest countries for the music industry, especially in terms of a varied audience and money.

The online music streaming services’ subscription rates have been skyrocketing in the past few years. Even their artists have found a global platform with the entertainment and are reaching international heights. The continent, as a whole, is finally treading on a great path for all its musicians.

The Top Things to Keep in Mind

However, the growth is not all the same in the movie industry, both locally and internationally. Black Panther serves as a great example with its African cast, but the Hollywood still has a long way to go for its inclusivity of important black characters in movies. The film industry in the continent too, is growing but is yet to see something as huge as its music industry.

The movie industry of Africa is highly dominated by the Nigerian Nollywood films, with over 2500 of them produced every year. Though the audience is vast in the country, it is yet to get international attention and resultantly, more growth. It’s what we look forward to in the near future!