21st century  women are now allowed to be tough to say “NO”, to speak their mind, to become CEO’s and to enjoy sex. Women have become more assertive and in tune to their needs, wants and desires. Without a doubt this change has had great impact on relationships between men and women, specifically the actions and behavior of women.


According to 2012 statistics from the journal of marital and family therapy, 14% of married women have cheated compared to 22% of married men. Although statistically women cheat less than men, women are having more emotional affairs behind their man’s back. However when a woman cheats, she is usually cheating for emotional intimacy, while a man usually cheats for physical pleasure. Now get ready to see below some reasons why women cheat.


How long can you go without receiving love and attention before you look somewhere? Some women can go for days or weeks, and others can go for years. However, in general women need and desire intimacy, physical touch, mental and emotional attention. If a woman is not receiving this from the husband or boyfriend, it will only be a matter of time and she may seek it from another i.e. a caring guy friend, the attentive guy who feeds her emotional needs at her workplace, or the hot trainer at the gym. Women deprived of attention, compliments and compassion usually have emotional affairs. That doesn’t mean it won’t lead to sex but initially they crave the attention and compassion that has been absent from their relationship.


Being cheated on is a very difficult act to forgive. For those of us who have been cheated on, we know how awful it feels. You feel deceived, hurt, angry, sad, numb and even violated. It also affects your self-esteem. Cleary, it negatively affects your relationship, your mood, behavior, and your ability to trust the cheater ever again. Women may want to get revenge by making them feel the way they felt, that is when the thoughts of cheating sets in. The biggest truth is that cheating never solves a relationship problem. Communication, assertiveness and increasing passion and romance in your relationship are much better solutions.


Women need to feel desired and experience REAL orgasms during sex. If women are getting bad sex, not enough sex, or non-emotional sex, she may eventually lose interest in the relationship and look elsewhere for GOOD sex. This creates temptation to seek sexual and emotional satisfaction elsewhere. It is better to communicate with your partner about your needs during sex. You can do this on your own or with the help of a sex therapist.


When you feel financially dependent on your partner, it is more difficult to speak up in arguments or leave the relationship. The fear of being alone and financially unstable keeps you in a one-down position. Now that most women make their own money, enjoy working and are good at it, the need to stay in an unhappy relationship is not necessary. That feeling of power and independence can be like seeing the red carpet laid out for you; all the way to those other fish in the sea, so women can catch as many fish as they want as far as they are financially independent.


When women feel insecure, they have a need to seek validation from others. This can be in the form of sexual, emotional, or intellectual attention. When women don’t love or value themselves, they project that onto the man they are in a relationship with. Even if her husband or boyfriend loves her greatly, she may still cheat because she finds it hard to accept their unconditional love, simply because she doesn’t love herself.


He doesn’t put on that good smelling cologne anymore; his clothing is wrinkled, stained or way out of date. When he comes home from work (assuming he has a job), it’s the same old things; “What’s for dinner?”, when the weekend comes, he says he’s tired and just wants to relax at home, or go out to the same sports bar you go every weekend. The routine is the same every day and over again. She is no longer on the same page, She barely has anything in common, and feeling emotionally distant from him. Then a woman begins to look at other prospects and fantasize about being with someone else and even begins to feel the excitement she hasn’t felt in a long time whiles just thinking about it. Boredom is something that can be resolved with a little or moderate amount of effort to avoid a cheating wife or girlfriend. There are many ways to spice up an old tired relationship and this involves introducing new ideas, behaviours and a touch of spontaneity.


Male attention increases quickly after a woman has had a boob job, butt implant or weight loss. This boosts her self-confidence. With all this male attention, women’s temptation to cheat rises and it takes more than self-control to resist male offers. Once a woman realizes other guys want her, her desire to act on it may have her feel euphoric- in control. However a careful and wise woman who abides by her principles can avoid cheating.


When women are in a relationship, they like to please their men. Cooking for a romantic dinner, buying sexy lingerie and having wild fun are just a few ways they may show their love and appreciation. So what happens when after all these efforts her man refuses to acknowledge her with a simple “thank you”, “please” or “I love you”? Holiday and birthdays come and go and she don’t receive anything meaningful, nothing at all, not even verbal acknowledgement. We all have thresholds, and once a woman reaches that limit, she may decide to act and receive the “please”, “thank you” and “I love you” from another direction.
Men should know that they will lose their women if they take them for granted. You don’t know what you have until you lose it.