From 700 million users in the year 2000, the internet space is now occupied by over 3.2 billion people out of the total 7 billion people in the world today according to the International Telecommunication Union. The upsurge of social media platforms in the last few years is something that cannot be ignored especially if you are an entrepreneur trying to save money. It behooves on entrepreneurs today to seize this opportunity of the social media age to expand their reach and generate more revenue. Here are five ways you can carefully use social media to promote your business.

  1. Be real on Social Media

With Social media, you have the opportunity to be more real, authentic and also show how great your product truly is. Social Media can also help you interact with your clients on a very personal level through exchange of messages. In a business environment that is dominated by polished advertisements, and embellishments, being real to your audience will help your clients easily identify with you and your product. To be real on the social media, one must only say what he means and mean what he says. This can be done by taking time to think through, edit before you post on the platform.

2. Don’t be too preoccupied with divisive issues

There are certain hot topics in every business environment which can be suicidal when discussed on social media platforms. Some of these issues could be politics, religion, etc. Engaging in such controversies on social media can have a way of hurting your company brand and reputation. Stick to the neutral issues and issues that bring people together rather than issues that stir controversies and project a negative image about your business.

3. Be Consistent

Because your clients are very important to you, you shouldn’t be posting 10 times a day for 3 months straight and then disappear from the social media site for several months. Consistency is important in maintaining your trust and reliability as far as your clients are concerned. Posting the right content consistently can help you attract the right customers to your business. Remember sales are not built in a day; being consistent will keep your true customers coming back.

4. Don’t limit yourself to one platform

The social media space is very huge with over a billion hooked on. As an entrepreneur, what you do not want to do is to go home with only 1% whereas you could have secured about 50% of the whole slice. Try a bit of everything ranging from; LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram etc. This way, you can target various customers on the different social media platforms.

5. Do not be overly promotional

Finding a right balance between being genuine, doing your job, and focusing on sales is very important. Do not be overly promotional with your social media account. Your clients may find you either boring or too aggressive and just trying to make a sale at their expense. A social media account should not be entirely about business. Try and engage your followers in other issues affecting society too. Show a human face with your account and not an overly business face. But this doesn’t also mean you should be afraid to have sales. People will understand when you balance the mix.

6. Schedule your posting times

Because social media is mostly an interactive interface, the right timing for posting your ads is very important. It is not a wise idea to post an ad when everybody is asleep and probably offline. There should be a carefully thought out process for all these activities. If you are going to use social media to your advantage, then post at the right time, especially when most of your clients will likely see it because they are online.


About the Author, G.K. Sarpong

G. K. Sarpong is an author and founder of Christian Thinkers Community (CTC), a multidimensional organisation headquartered in Accra, Ghana. Sarpong also writes for several media firms across the continent of Africa and a guest writer and editor for various international journals and newsletters including Light Magazine Africa, The Revolution Journal and Christian Thinkers Journal. Sarpong has authored over seven books and hundreds of articles, some of which include Entrepreneurship Africa, Develop the Master in You, Building Success and Answers to Life’s Foundational Questions.