Creative people are critical to success in any institution. They are the dreamers that conjure magic by simply believing the impossible should be possible and go all out to make sure they achieve that vision. Although crazy, that is an invaluable characteristic to have on any team.


These are five reasons why creative people still hold on to their jobs even if there is a massive downsizing.

  1. Creative employees generate Ideas

Creative employees in all organizations have the common trait of curiosity. They are on a collision course to find out WHY. Because of the urge to find answers, they learn a lot and thus, are always generating new ideas that could improve, innovate and generate more income. Employers understand that a business is as wealthy as the million dollar ideas it can generate.

  1. Creative employees Explore Options

I have never met a creative person who doesn’t enjoy exploring options. They are constantly using their imagination to examine ways of developing best solutions. It is no surprise when one of the most creative personalities of the last century, Albert Einstein said that, “imagination is more important than knowledge.” Knowledge keeps the day-to-day activities of an organization running but imagination propels an organization to the front row in its industry. This is why creative people never seem to be out of job.

  1. Creative employees Embrace Ambiguity

Writer H. L. Mencken once said, “It is the dull man who is always sure, and the sure man who is always dull.” An ambiguity that may irritate the ordinary employee actually excites the creative employee. Creative people enjoy exploring the gaps in the workplace to make the organization a better place. That is why organizations such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and many ginormous tech firms are constantly reaching out for very creative and talented employees.

  1. Creative employees Do not Fear Failure

What may seem a failure for an ordinary employee is often one of the fun moments for the creative employee. Failure to the creative employee is simply an opportunity to try another new idea, try a new solution and to brainstorm for better approaches. Creative employees hardly get discouraged because a solution wasn’t applicable. This is because they believe in their abilities and understand the reality that they can produce boundless ideas in a matter of hours. If you really want to be an employee who is sought after, add much more creativity to your work and you shall never stay a day without a job opportunity.

  1. Creative people draw people to them

Creativity is intelligence having fun. People admire intelligence, and they are always attracted to fun—so the combination is fantastic. Creative people are less likely to get fired compared to the ordinary employee because a lot of people are able to relate with creative ideas than the ordinary employee who may not even be known in the organization. If you cultivate your creativity, you will become more attractive to other people; they will be drawn to you and will definitely help you secure your job during a downsizing or retrenchment.