It is usually said that women are attracted by what they hear while men are attracted by what they see. That is not always the case. Women just like men also go crazy because of some physical features of the opposite sex.

Here are 5 male physical features that make the ladies fall in love.

1. Facial hair:

Facial hair is one of the male features ladies love the most. A study conducted shows that most people associate facial hair with maturity and one thing we know is that ladies love mature guys. Divina from cantonments said “I love a guy’s beard because it makes him look really mature and also it is nice to play with”. Edem from Tema agrees with Divina and stated that “My girl likes to play with my beard. It is sometimes irritating but if it makes her happy then beardgang all the way”.

2. Muscles:

Another thing ladies love is a sense of security and which male physical feature makes them feel more secure than a ripped body and great muscles. While some like it because of the security, other women think it is sexy and makes men look good in and out of clothes. “It makes guys look so good especially in fitting clothes and sexy when they take the clothes off…whooshh!!” Sandra, West Legon. So guys, start hitting the gym and get that sexy frame the women love so much.

3. Height:

After muscles, another male feature that makes women feel secure is a guy’s height. A tall guy is everything a Ghanaian woman dreams of. Maybe because most of them are short and love the way a towering frame feels. For the slim guys without muscles, being tall compensates greatly. “I like tall guys because you feel safe around them and it is nicer to hug tall guys…LOL!”Adwoa, Adenta. Don’t worry guys, you don’t have to be 6feet tall, just make sure you are a little taller than your partner so she can experience the towering effect.

4. Eyes:

It is no surprise to find eyes on the list of physical male features that women like. Most women are hopeless romantics and like to create a deep connection with their partners. The eyes can tell a woman all she needs to know about a guy. On the other hand, nice eyes and eyebrows make a nice face. Different women prefer different types of eyes for different reasons. Akorfa from Ridge said, “I have big eyes and I receive a lot of compliments for it so it is my best physical feature. Because of this, I am attracted to guys with nice eyes and yeah nice eyes give me chills!!”

5. Fingernails:

This may shock you but a number of women like guys with nice fingernails. It is not necessarily about the length but more about how neat and well-trimmed the nails are. “I feel like a guy who has time for his nails is conscious about personal hygiene and that is one thing I like. A guy who practices good hygiene is everything for me.”Maame Afua, Achimota.