Trotro is the most popular means of transportation in Ghana. There’s no better way to experience the country like a ride in a “troski”. Apart from it being the cheapest way to get to your destination, it is a sure way to see parts of the country that you will never experience with a taxi or a private car.  Some of the best things about trotros are the funny inscriptions some of these buses have behind them and the names of destinations that have been altered by these bus conductors or what we call “mates”. Circle becomes “Sek sek,” ashaiman becomes ashaama and so on.

However our main focus is the type of people you are likely to meet in any trotro you take. Lets have a look at 5 kinds of people you will definitely meet in any trotro you take:


  1. The loud phone caller:

The first type of people you will notice when you use a trotro is the man or lady on the phone. I really do not know if they think the distance between them and the people at the other end of the phone means they have to shout while making the call. It is worse if they are speaking a language you don’t understand. You go bore papa.


Passenger talking on phone in a trotro

  1. The fighter:

Then there are those who are always fighting. These people are always angry and always have a problem with the mate in the trotro. It is either they are complaining about the mate not giving them their change or the cedi note the mate gave them is not good enough. There are others who will fight with the driver for stopping at every bus stop or for going too fast. They just have to fight!!


  1. The sleeper:

If you ever take a look around while in a trotro you are sure to find at least one person sleeping. No matter how short the journey is, some people are just too tired to stay awake for the whole journey. This isn’t such a big deal until the person ends up sleeping on you. Yup! That awkward moment!! Now you start thinking of ways to get the sleeper off you without being too mean. The struggle is

rawafrica_sleeping in trotro

man sleeping in trotro

  1. The noisy colleagues:

After a long day you just want to have a peaceful ride home but you hear giggling and laughter in the back seat. Yup. Those people are the ones we refer to as the noisy colleagues and we sure don’t like them. These are usually friends from work or school who forget that trotro is not a private uber ride.

rawafrcia_trotro friends

laughing and talking in the trotro


  1. The non-shifter:

These people will not give up their seat for anything in this world. Instead of sliding to the empty seat so you can sit, they will rather stand make way for you to pass and in most cases this is a very uncomfortable experience due to the small space available in the trotro. If you are ever in this situation pray you don’t tear your trousers just trying to get to your seat.