Be it a short flight or a long winding road trip or even a ferry ride on the Volta lake, any trip to the Northern Region of Ghana is a life-changer. But why will anyone be visiting Northern Region in the first place? Could it be on business- to farm, to trade or for pleasure- entertainment, sightseeing? It could just be out of simple curiosity.


Whatever, be the case, the Northern Region is amazingly one of the untapped areas of Ghana yet with plenty of history. It has drones of potential. The stories told of the North are grippy with listeners in constant calls for more. Even more captivating are the actual trips to the North.Let’s take a look at 5 of the most historical towns in the Northern Region of Ghana that every tourist must crave to visit.




Nakpanduri is a town with the history of untold stories. Silently, the town located in the Bunkpurugu-Yunyoo district of the Northern Region has been an open secret for tourists who are in for an adventure. If the trip to Nakpanduri is not enough excitement, then a visit to the Gambaga Scarp and the Waterfall in Nakpanduri will do the trick, just fine. And to think that for many many years this town has been on the map of tourists who trust their fun in the hands of history.



Labaranga brings more memories than anticipated. You remember the famous Ndewura Jakpa from Junior High Social studies class? Yes, that man was the chief of Gonjaland including the town of Labaranga. There is very rich history in this old town of Labaranga to feed on. After all, there is pretty much to talk about if your stories can be told from as far back as 1421. From far and near, tourists always relish the opportunity to visit the oldest mosque in West Africa, the Labaranga mosque.



Labaranga Mosque,  Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Located some 120 kilometres from Tamale, Salaga is more than your ordinary Northern Region town. The town has plenty of attraction and potential to look forward to. In vision, Salaga can be transformed into a business hub for art and history with just the right moves.

It is the capital of the Gonja East district of the Northern region of Ghana. Not only is Salaga at a central point being a link between the North and the South, it is the home of the largest Slave market during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade era. Of course, I said slave market. The ferry ride that allows one to cross to the town from Tamale is another adventure altogether.


Salaga Slave Cemetery,  Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Mole is the land of the wildlife; the natural wildlife. The town is vast and houses the huge Mole National Park which is the largest natural wildlife reserve in the country. The Zaina Lodge located in the park spices up the destination experience with a feel a desert life. An option you will find is very few places in the world. Mole was not built in a day. Actually, the years of preservation and rainfall coupled with the sense to created a heritage by the indigenes then is the foundation of the success story.



Mole National Park,  Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Daboya is another very interesting town in the Northern Region, I will recommend to you any day! The river guarded town serves as a link town between Tamale and other towns in the Gonja West district of the Northern Region of Ghana. Daboya has had a city-like status since the olden days when they were part of the few towns to have potable drinking water. It is such a lovely sight to see trading over the river in Daboya as goods of all kinds are cart via canoes to and from Daboya.


Daboya,  Photo Credit: Tien Chiu


With the tropical climate and the sunshine like never before, the Northern Region must be checked on your list of next possible destinations to visit.

Credit: Kofi Baiden, Jumia Travel