If you’ve ever been in a relationship, you have surely experienced the “honeymoon phase.” It is when your relationship is in its beginning stages and is super exciting. You can’t take your hands off each other and you want to spend every single moment together. You’re still getting to know everything about your new bae and neither one of you wants to hang up the phone first when you call. After being in a relationship for a long time, it starts to get boring and predictable. Doing something fun with your partner will take the monotony and boredom out of your relationship.

Here are 4 fun ways to quicky bring the spark back into your relationship:

1. Go on a road trip:

While this can be an expensive adventure, it is a really fun activity to spice up your relationship. Luckily Ghana is blessed with so many tourist destinations so why don’t you take advantage of that and spend some quality time with your partner outside the busy city of Accra. Central region has slave castles with stories worth hearing and Mole in the northern region has a breath-taking national park with more than a thousand different animals giving you the perfect safari experience. What better way to experience Ghana than with the love of your life by your side? Don’t be boring, pack a bag and travel and it will do wonders for your relationship.

2. Have a lot of sex…in different places:

During my research for this article I was surprised to notice that more women than men were advocating for “adventurous sex”. Crazy as it seems, women don’t want to have just boring bedroom sex anymore. Some women suggested balcony sex or porch sex for those without balconies, sex in the car, bathroom and the living room. Oh and if you you are still doing the same three sex positions, it is time to upgraade. Spice up your relationship by learning and trying different sex positions with your partner. Thank me later!

3. Give to charity together:

As a way to break monotony in your relationship, you and your significant other can take up a social responsibility. It can be working with an NGO to help the less privileged or simply just donating to charity. This little act of kindness not only puts a smile on your faces as well as the faces of the kids, it creates a special bond between you and your partner and the love shown to others easily transcends into your relationship. This activity fun and it takes your attention from love and builds up your individual skills. Taking up a project will improve your teamwork and understanding and even if there are disagreements, at the end of the project you will feel closer to each other and appreciate each other more.

4. Go dancing:

Dancing is a great way to spice up your relationship. The dancing does not have to end on the wedding day. Take your partner out and sweat to the beat of good music and teach yourselves a move or two which can come in handy in the near future. For those of you into loud afrobeats and hiphop music, a night at the club can work magic for your relationship. Salsa and Kizomba nights at Afrikiko for the exotic dance lovers and ofcourse live band for the old timers. Most of these places are very affordable so there is no reason for you to miss out on this fun activity.