Self- Development begins with a decision by the ‘Self’ to improve on his skills, potential, personality and how well to utilize the precious asset of time that is given to all of us to become a better person. Here are the 4 self-development secrets common to all very successful people.

  1. They read a book every month

What do Dr. Myles Munroe, Third World Leadership Expert, John C. Maxwell, Global Leadership Trainer, Dr. Mensah Otabil, Founder of Central University and Kofi Amoabeng, Founder of UT Bank and many, many other successful people have in common? They all read at least one book in a month. This always gives them an urge over their competitors. In his book, Living Naked, Kofi Amoabeng underscored the need for people to read a book around their area of specialization at least once every month as it help you develop further insight into the workings of your industry. For those that have not nurtured this reading habit yet, one way to go about it is to read at least a chapter of a book every night before he goes to bed.

  1. They Work out

Most successful people understand that, “a happy man is a healthy man.” To be highly successful and remain alive to enjoy the fruit of your labour, you need a healthy body and a sound mind. Most successful people spend at least 30 minutes at the gym every morning. Others combine it with walks, jogging or bicycle riding. The late Myles Munroe spent at least one hour jogging every morning of his adult life. It is well documented that the President of Ghana, John Mahama spends at least 45 minutes at the gym three times every week. This is a personal development feature that helps them remain healthy and fit for their enormous responsibilities.

  1. They have mentors.

The late Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple mentored Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple. Martin Luther King Jr looked up to the likes of Mahatma Ghandi. Former South Africa president Thaebo Mbeki was mentored by Nelson Mandela. Everybody who wishes to be great must have someone he looks up to who gives the a source of wisdom, inspiration, and motivates him or her to become better every day no matter the current circumstance. Mentorship is one of the secrets to self-development. Mentors train, direct, impact and open up opportunities for their mentees.

  1. They practice what they learn

“There is a vast difference between knowing something and actually doing it,” UT Bank Founder, Kofi Amobeng wrote in his book, Living Naked. The mistake many people are making is that they have all the information and knowledge but they are not actually practicing, he opined. When I first began UT Bank, “I had read that the best way for a small business like mine to survive was to go after creditors after the maturity period of their loans. So what did I do? Instead of sitting in my office, I went after them in their offices,” he further explained, “and it was a wise decision.” “We cannot spend money and so much time to learn something and not practice it. To develop, you must practice,” he stressed.


About the Author, G.K. Sarpong

G. K. Sarpong is an author and founder of Christian Thinkers Community (CTC), a multidimensional organisation headquartered in Accra, Ghana. Sarpong also writes for several media firms across the continent of Africa and a guest writer and editor for various international journals and newsletters including Light Magazine Africa, The Revolution Journal and Christian Thinkers Journal. Sarpong has authored over seven books and hundreds of articles, some of which include Entrepreneurship Africa, Develop the Master in You, Building Success and Answers to Life’s Foundational Questions.