It is said that a good woman is hard to find. The question is, who is a good woman? A good woman certainly is the woman who ticks all your boxes; beauty, brains and respect. All guys are different, we all have different things we look out for in our partners, but we can all agree that there are some common qualities every Ghanaian guy wants in his partner.

Here are 4 of those qualities:

1. Character:

A good character is the first thing guys look for in their partner. A good character consists of being respectful, kind, caring, and supportive of your man among others. A woman who supports your dreams, shows you love and care when you don’t even deserve it, is nice and treats your family well and welcomes them with an open heart, not lazy but works hard so she doesn’t have to depend on you all the time. And the best of all a woman who inspires and motivates you to be the best version of yourself. “I will go with character. Simply because beauty fades but character doesn’t. Beauty does not ensure a successful relationship but a good character will make your relationship worthwhile.”Boakye, Osu.

 2. Smart:

Hold up! I’m not talking about a book-long woman. No I am talking about a street smart woman here. This is basically a woman who has common sense and knows what she is about. A woman who knows how to handle issues and brings value to the relationship. “A smart girl for me is a girl you can have a meaningful conversation with, not just random stuff but productive conversations. Someone you can plan and build a future with. A girl that will challenge you to upgrade yourself mentally, spiritually and physically.”Selasie, Adenta.

 3. Ambitious:

The world is moving at an alarming speed and most men are trying hard to make something out of their lives. Working long shifts and putting in a lot of efforts just to be able to make enough to feed themselves and their families. An ambitious man would definitely want an equally ambitious woman to help build their future together. A visionary, a woman who can see past today. A woman who has plans for her life and does not center her life on her man and try to feed of him. “I am a very ambitious person so I need a woman who is also ambitious. I have set a number of life goals and without an ambitious woman, it will be very difficult to accomplish them.”Pius, Spintex.

4. Lively:

Imagine constantly coming home from a hard day’s work to meet a gloomy partner. That is a real mood killer. Every guy wants to be with a woman who brightens his day when she comes around. Her smile, her energy and everything about her should make you move from 0 to 100 real quick. A lively woman is never boring. She is spontaneous, adventurous and fun. She is full of surprises and keeps her man wanting more and more of her. “I don’t look for much when choosing a partner, I just look out for the one I can vibe with. That is a woman who knows how to have fun and is not stuck up.”Emma, Adabraka.