It’s that time of the month once again. Kwahu oooooo Kwahu!! All roads lead to Kwahu; the destination to celebrate the popular annual festival dubbed “Kwahu Easter”. From the beginning of April, the Ghanaian populace and tourist from abroad will pilgrim to the Kwahu mountains located in the Eastern region to celebrate the three day spectacular festivities of Easter celebration.


Judging from my previous Kwahu Easter festival experience, this year promises to be more fun-thrilled. Here are 4 activities you can not miss out on in this year’s Kwahu Easter festival.


Paragliding is the main showcase of the Kwahu Easter celebration since its induction in 2005. Every year, Ghanaians, natives of kwahu and tourist converge on the Odweanoma Mountain in Atibie a suburb of Kwahu to see pilots from Europe, Australia and Asia facilitates the paragliding. It is the closest you can get to the feeling of flying like a bird. It is a safe and fun way to view the splendor of the Kwahu Mountain. And if you think you going to fall, don’t worry the parachute have your back- literarily.


Hiking is another side attraction that has pulled tons of people from the capital Accra and other regions to Kwahu. How best can you keep your body in shape and release the stress weighing on your shoulder? No climbing skills is required just follow the trail into the vegetation of Kwahu and challenge yourself to completing the hour long hike and overnight camping experience. The best part of the hiking is you get to be offered a fantastic opportunity to see some wildlife and spend a night in the bush as a unique experience with other hikers.


The best funfair is just around the corner. Carnivals at Kwahu are the finest display of culture your eyes are sure to behold.  During the carnival is the showcase of rich Akan culture and traditions. See the chiefs and royal kingship members glam and clad up in their beautiful kente cloth, adorned in gold ornaments sitting in palanquins and carried all over the streets. The rich and exuberant music from the local musical instruments such as drums and horns will move you to dance to the Akan rhythm. Get to also socialise, make new friends and create lasting memories you will cherish.


To crown my list and begin the Kwahu Festival is the street jam which attracts Ghana’s biggest music artist to lock down the entire streets of the Kwahu Township. Stay up all night on Good Friday to good music. The overflow of assorted beverages at various spots on the street will quench your thirst as you dance to the street jam music. If there’s no alcohol Kwahu wouldn’t, couldn’t, be Kwahu.