Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, big or small. An effective brand and brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. But what exactly is “branding” all about?


In the words of British fashion icon Alice Temperley, “You have to stay true to your heritage; that’s what your brand is about.” In light of this, I want to talk about a brand that is staying true to its heritage and projecting Africa and specifically Ghanaian culture in its name and product.

Qowa clothing is an affordable and uniquely African clothing company that is making giant strides in the Ghanaian fashion industry. It is designed to be unisex which makes it perfect for both genders and  a great attire for almost any occasion.

Talking to the brain behind the brand, Augustt-Lyte Selorm explained that “Qowa” comes from the Hausa word “Kowa” which means “everybody”. Although Qowa clothing is less than a year old, having started production in September 2016, it has an impressive customer base with notable celebrities jumping on the Qowa train. The God MC himself, Manifest rocked the Qowa top in one of his shows while Amanda Jissih of HitzFm fame has been spotted rocking this lovely outfit. This shows that the Qowa brand is making waves and it is only right that we get them to tell us why their brand is sort-after.

He further shared three simple ways to create a brand that people cannot resist. This is what he had to say:

1. Be unique

If you want your brand to stand out, you have to stay true to yourself. Be different and creative. Your product has to be something that will wow people when they see it. It should be so catchy that people will see it and will be willing to try it. What makes our clothing stand out is that it is unisex so both genders can wear the same Qowa and still feel comfortable in it. Because of the unique design of our Qowa especially the Qowa VIP, people see it and are so impressed with the design and material quality that they just have to get it for themselves. It has to be attractive as well. If the eyes don’t like it, the pocket doesn’t buy it.

Custom-made Qowa 

2. Know your target market:

You should always create a target market and provide quality products to meet the standards you set for yourself. That is why with the Qowa clothing we have created some distinction. We have the Qowa Regular which is more affordable and available for everybody, we also have the Qowa VIP which is priced a bit higher than the Qowa-Regular for those who can afford and finally the custom made Qowa which gives the buyer the opportunity to choose the style and the colour of the product they want to purchase.

#Godmc Manifest rocking QowaVIP clothing on stage

3. Promote your brand through the right people:

You have to know the right people who can influence your brand and channel it through them. Most celebrities and public figures have a large following especially on social media. With such people on board, you gain access to a larger market because they became advertising channels for your brand.  That is the idea behind putting celebrities like Manifest, Amanda Jissih, Jeffery Nortey and Afia Pokuaa (vim lady) of Adom Fm on the Qowa train. These people have lots of followers and our sales have  shot up as a result.

Amanda Jissih in her Qowa 

This is how Qowa clothing is building its impressive fashion brand. All fashion entrepreneurs who are struggling,  should pick a thing or two from Augustt’s branding tips and you are guaranteed a significant improvement in your brand.