So, we have time and time again been bombarded with the need and burden to complete college and handle our own businesses. In fact, the gaping nature of unemployment in Ghana and across various African economies remains one of the core reasons why young brains and graduate students are being repositioned to employ practical skills that could and will plunge them into a work of financial independence in the job market.

But then we garner all needed expertise and knowledge and later realise that the complicated world of entrepreneurship is more than we thought and learnt it was, that there was and continues to be inbuilt secrets that most entrepreneurs like us employ to be on the top of their game. This article, which is solely meant for you, will explore some of these secrets and how best to maximise their potential.

  • The habit of discipline

Truth be told, the reason behind most of our challenges as young business men and women is due to the inability to maintain a disciplined lifestyle. This is mostly reflected in the commuted attitude to savings, investments and the commitment to seeing something you invested in grow. Being disciplined as a young entrepreneur is not a matter of whipping yourself with a belt anytime you insult or disappoint your parents; it’s all about how best you attach skill and expertise to the virtue of discipline.

  • The attention to detail

Have you ever tried getting a fabric sewn by a tailor or seamstress who later on messes up the design you so decided and also produced a shirt or pair of trousers with thread hanging off its seams? That’s an experience with a person or group of people who lose sight of the attention to detail! In business and entrepreneurship, the analogy of fashion is highly key because all successful empires remain on top of their lead performance by their capacity to stick to the requirement of attention. Paying attention to detail will make your client know that they definitely do have someone who makes things happen through the art of being attentive to detail. This means the capacity to identify the dots in figures or the commas in business contracts.

  • The urge not to settle

Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME’s) are feared to have a trend of collapsing and downsizing just after 5 years of huge capital investments. That is because they are not dynamic. They apply the same methods they used when they started their businesses. It never works this way! Don’t settle. You have to consistently innovate, study the market and explore new ways of doing things and improve

Being a successful entrepreneur is not just about how much money you are able to inject into your ventures, it’s all about your capacity to remain self-disciplined, pay attention to detail and also explore further avenues of improvement.