Wherever there are problems, there are opportunities; the bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity. In a time when unemployment is very rife in many African cities, there are few business ideas that one can take on with very little capital. Below are 3 business ideas young graduates could undertake in Ghana that can transform their lives;

1. Social Media Consultancy

Many young unemployed people today spend much of their time on social media doing all sorts of things like connecting with friends and family, playing games, sharing details of their lives, etc. There are so many organizations, churches, start-ups and shop owners who really want to use the social media space to promote their businesses but cannot do so because of lack of knowledge. Our young unemployed graduates instead of waiting on the government to create jobs could identify some of these businesses in their localities and sell out a business plan, highlighting how these businesses could benefit and transform their brand with an online presence. This could serve as a temporal cushion before they eventually land a permanent job.

2. Home Delivery Services

The challenge many event organizers, restaurants, and many other businesses face on the continent is personal delivery of their goods and services to customers direct to their homes. The major challenge here is that the home addresses have not yet been put into a computerized database yet so everything is done manually. For now, current services are using “okada” services to deliver goods directly to their homes. A conversation held with Giant Fast Food Services in Ghana revealed that, they do not offer home delivery services and this points to the fact that there is a challenge within the system that needs a solution. There is a hole in the system that needs plugging. Our young unemployed graduates could team-up to establish a firm whose sole function would be to specialize in such services. This could be a very simple yet important way to begin your business enterprise.

3. Freelance Writing Firm.

The demand for writers will proportionally increase in relation to internet access, increase in number of traditional media houses and the social media boom in Africa.

There is an unquenchable demand for African Stories. The world has yet to hear the magical stories that the continent has to offer. Those going to succeed are those that are able to communicate clearly with a global audience.

Young graduates who may be unemployed can easily come together to establish a freelance firm that can specialize in technical writing for businesses that depend on quality content to attract revenue. These are simple yet very effective business ideas any young graduate with very little capital could pursue.