This is a story of 19-year-old Kofi who has revealed how deciding to become gay ended him with the deadly HIV infection.

Speaking under terms of anonymity, Kofi (as he prefers to be called) was lured to the act of sleeping with men by the internet after realizing that Ghana’s gay community “have a special place on Facebook where they meet and discuss their personal lives”.

Having so many gay friends through the internet, he now became active sexually as most of them visited him secretly to have sexual engagement in his room for three years.

” As soon as I entered into this practice, I was never satisfied. I always wanted more with the guys so I kept dating more of them,” he revealed.
But few months down the line, Kofi started getting ill and thus decided to get himself checked at the hospital only to find out that he had contracted HIV.

Being scared of his diagnosis, he secretly signed on to the medication which he confesses ” always makes me weak and tired”.

“These drugs I take are very strong and I can’t stand them. I was told by the doctor to always supplement it with food and multivitamins but I don’t have the money to do that,” he recounted.

When asked if he told his parents about his condition, Kofi revealed that he decided to keep it a secret since his “religious family” will sound suspicious when they get to know he has HIV.

” My father will ask me how I got it. They will suspect something so I can’t tell them. I keep the drugs at my boyfriend’s place,” he confessed.
Homosexuality in Ghana is currently frowned upon with government considering ways of criminalizing the act. But with the story of Kofi, it is clear that most of Ghana’s gays and lesbians may be living in the dark with deadly diseases like HIV due to the risky nature of their sexual orientation to the virus.