Students are usually enthusiastic and thrilled to join college. While in high school, students get to hear a lot of stories about college life and therefore, many yearn for the experience. Once you get to college, you get to learn a lot and also enjoy the limitless freedom that comes with. Campus life is usually interesting when you organize yourself and have a schedule which you will follow. Habitually, there are a lot of activities and experiences you would love to encounter and be a part of while in campus. The above is usually because there is minimum supervision and no gets to scold you if you do anything weird or unusual. However, there are limits to whatever one wishes to do or in life generally, therefore, you need to control yourself and employ a number of hacks. You need to learn how to make better decisions and to follow your own path instead of being a crowd pleaser and the cool kid. Things like health, social life, your studies, assignments, etc. are crucial to students and you need to understand how you can maneuver through college without breakdowns. Below are fifteen hacks to help you live a stress-free life in college:


  • Keeping tabs on the state of our health is undeniably vital. Ensuring that our rooms are clean and neat and that the air that comes in and penetrates in our room is fresh boosts our immune system. At times we might forget to open our windows when going to class and leave our rooms all messy and untidy. Using dryer sheets by attaching them on fans leaves our rooms fresher than before. This is a life hack which is very easy for many of us to familiarize ourselves with.


  • Avoid the temptation of partying at the expense of your studies. Hanging out with friends till late in the night is one of the most enjoyable moments in campus. You get to party, drink and socialize with new people. However, such a life will always interfere with your studies. You do end up having hangovers and alarms seem like stubborn bees on your ears. However, this should not be a hindrance or prevent you from going to your lectures. In one alarm hack, you can simply place your phone in an empty glass so that the alarm sound is amplified.


  • Arrange and seek to always place things where they need to be. When in a hurry, people leave their rooms a bit messy especially when they are not aware of where they placed it last time. The eventual effect is that the room is untidy and things are misplaced even further. To easily locate stuff in your room, fold your clothes and use name tags in your room to help you identify things easily.


  • Avoid wasting time and getting involved in unnecessary disputes with your roommate over small matters. Everyone wants to be served first and this can lead to an argument between you and your roommate. When it especially comes to warming food using the microwave, people want to be the first. However, you can put both your meals in the microwave at the same time in that one can put the plate of food on the microwave plate directly and the other placing the plate of food on top of a mug.


  • Take your studies seriously from the start. At the beginning of college life, some students tend not to concentrate on their studies since they suppose that they still have a lot of time to study in the coming years. However, this can lead to poor grades since your concentration will not be fully on your studies. Your grades are much higher when you put much effort in your studies at the beginning of the first semesters rather than in the latter ones. This will help boost your GPA come the end of your sessions in campus. You can also seek essay writing services if you are out of time or feel pressed. According to essay zoo, you can have any essay typewritten, therefore, do not hesitate to write or call and place an order.


  • Carry your laptop bag as a backpack. Back strains can lead to loss of concentration in class due to the injuries you incur when you carry heavy backpacks. Laptops are chiefly used in college and the consistent carrying of their bags leads to you having back and shoulder aches. You can use your laptop bags as backpacks which will reduce the excess weight you mount upon yourselves.


  • Have friends ask you questions during class presentations. There comes a time when you have to do class presentations yet many do not know how to conduct themselves in such scenarios. Anyone from the class can ask you a question and you might be unable to answer yet you are the one who did the assignment. In order to overcome this and avoid embarrassment, you can easily set up a friend to ask you a question which you can answer.


  • Pizzas are a snack which many adore. They can stay overnight and be warmed the next day for consumption. However when placed directly in the microwave, they can heat up and make the toppings go dry. Placing a small amount of water in a glass in the microwave with pizza enables the crust to be chewy and crusty.


  • Throwing impromptu parties is one of the best ways to enjoy campus life. You can decide to assemble at a friend’s place and enjoy yourselves with the little that is around us. For your friends to enjoy the essence of music since many love music, you can simply place your phone in an empty plastic soda bottle so that the sound is augmented especially when you do not have speakers.


  • Dust particles easily enter your rooms and eventually you will not only have a dusty room but also a computer whose effectiveness can be affected as a result of dust. You may choose to ignore removing these particles when they are in the devices since you may find it either difficult or annoying. However, this can be done quite easily actually. You can use post-it notes to keep the dust particles from building up which can make your keyboards malfunction.


  • Use damp towels to keep your room cool. Climate varies at all times and hot weather conditions make many places to be moist. This can result to stuffiness in your rooms hence polluted air which is not good for your health. You can try and shun the succulence by airing a damp towel over an open window. This helps in keeping your rooms cool and free from staleness.


  • Use tortilla as plates because they do not require washing. Many students do not like doing utensils while others find it hard since time is usually not on their side and they have assignments which are due submission. They end up having dishes piled up which lead to the room being stuffy. Simply use tortilla plates to help fend off this laziness.


  • Closets might be too small to contain your clothes. You leave some lying around and this makes your rooms untidy. This issue can be easily solved by hanging multiple garments with soda pop tabs. This creates more room in the closet for your other clothes to fit.


  • Students steal pens from one another during lectures and it might leave you stranded when taking notes. If you are tired of this simply start by hiding your blue pen in a red pen cartridge since the blue pens are the ones which are mostly stolen.


  • Finally, studying can be quite intricate since you cannot muster everything if you do not have the strength to do so. Adding a little incentive can indeed help to make it easier. For example, you can place a treat at the end of each chapter or section which you get to eat when you reach the section. It will give you the strength or motivation to study further.

In conclusion, the vitality of the above mentioned life hacks is that they come in handy by enabling you to manage your schedules and organize yourselves. They also help in reducing work overloads while helping you to remain 100% effective. Kindly try some or all if you can and give us feedback on the effectiveness of the hacks.


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