Eco-friendly solutions to everyday problems is the trend nowadays in Africa. Better waste collection, efficient waste management and recycling used materials into raw materials and brand new items is surely the way to go on the continent.

In this short video, a young entrepreneur from South Africa has developed an innovative way to reduce the volume of water used for bathing on the continent. Dry Bath is a revolutionary eco-solution to the bathing needs of millions of people, and will save millions of litres of water across the continent.

Dry bath is just one of several promising examples of smart innovation. In the links section below, we have included several links to interesting articles that share inspiring stories and detailed information about how Africa is becoming more innovative with its waste products and safeguarding the environment as a result.

Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia and Zimbabwe are just a few of the most promising countries on the continent in the waste recycling and management business.