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The Independence week is upon us. 56 hearty cheers to Nigeria my people. Come on, there’s so much to be excited for. Lets not let current economic outlook dampen our spirits. Now if you have made plans to be in Abuja for the Independence Day celebrations or for any other business, or pleasure for that matter here is a list of the 10 Cheapest Hotels you can stay in during the anniversary celebrations. Now, you would know that Cheap Hotels does not mean, bad, or not good enough, it just means the rates are budget friendly and suitable work with if you want to enjoy your stay but cut down on excesses regardless, considering the fact that there’s still school fees to pay and company accountant isn’t even going to approve some kind of monies spent anyhow in this period of trial.


Everyone, new comers into the city can easily get scared about hotels in Abuja and their rates but there are good hotels in Abuja that offer good value for money. Now, these hotels, despite being called cheap, offer some of the best services available and hold the highest standard possible in hospitality, giving their guests nothing short of a memorable stay that often guarantees repeat visits and excellent reviews and recommendation.


Tranquil Mews Boutique Hotel


Price: N12, 000

Tranquil Mews located in Utako is a tastefully furnished and designed hotel located right behind the Julius Berger head office, making it a prime stay for construction expatriates in the city on business. The hotel is a 38 minute drive from the Airport. With room service, free internet, air-conditioning, airport shuttle, laundry services, safety deposit boxes. Tranquil Mews Boutique Hotel is a great bargain for your stay in Abuja.


Newland Luxury Hotel


Price: N11,400

Just as their name implies, Newland provides Luxury on a budget. Nestled in the Wuse Zone area of Abuja, Newland Luxury Hotel is accessible from vantage points around the city. 9 minutes away from the Federal Secretariat, 7 minutes from the International Stadium and a little of 30 minutes from the Nnamdi Azikwe Airport, Newland is ideal for guests with multiple destinations within the city.


Kanem Suites


Price: N14,662

Kanem Suites located in Utako provides comfort and luxury for guests at an affordable rate making it one of the most recommended hotels for stays in Abuja. Room rates come with a complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kanem Suites is a 5 minute drive to Jabi Lake, where visitors can escape the noise of the city for a while and commune with nature and if you are in the city for business the Federal Secretariat is just 10 minutes away from the hotel.


Royal Tropicana Hotel

Price: N18,000

Royal Tropicana has the advantage of being very close to the International Airport in Abuja making it a prime choice for traveling visitors and guests. The hotel has a swimming pool, sauna, gym and spa for recreational, general body wellness and fitness. Offers free internet to guests. Room rates also come with complimentary breakfast. Rooms are air conditioned and the on site restaurant and bar .


Ajoy Hotel and Suites


Price: N12,000

Ajoy Hotel and Suites in Gwarinmpa is the model budget friendly hotel. Great accommodation offerings at just the right price and the necessary essentials. Free internet, Cable Television in rooms, en-suite bathroom and toilets, complimentary breakfast, room services, complimentary copies of National newspapers and above all a courteous and friendly staff.


The Weavers Hotel

Price: N12,000

Located in the Central Business District of Abuja, the Weavers Hotel is the businessman’s cabana bargain. Facilities include on site parking, airport shuttle, air-conditioned rooms, complimentary breakfasts, on site restaurant that prepares meals at the request of guests and free internet access.

The hotel also offers airport pickup services which can be arranged when booking and reservations have been made. He Weavers hotel is close to the Eagle Square and the Federal Secretariat.


Trafford Hotel


Price: N14,000

What do you want your average hotel to provide you? What are the basics that would guarantee a comfortable stay? Lets cross check them. Internet. Gym, cant afford to lose form in one trip. Air-Conditioned rooms. Well stocked bar. TV with cable stations, can’t also afford to miss out on Football action on weekends you are away from home. What else? Trafford Hotel has everything covered.


Ritman Hotels


Price: N9,500

Ritman Hotel is in close proximity to the Abuja Zoological Park and the National Stadium so if and when you are in the city for sightseeing, it is certainly a place you want to lodge in. The hotel has internet facilities made available for guests, sufficient parking space, air conditioned rooms, on site restaurant that provides guests with meals and a bar that serves alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Laundry services are also available at an extra fee.


Purple Tulip Hotel


Price: N10,000

Purple Tulip offers guests an amazingly good experience with dedicated staff on hand to ensure visitors get the best out of their stay at the Purple Tulip. Rooms come air conditioned, with great bed furnishings in a neat and comfortable space. There is free internet service available to guests. A swimming pool and fitness is also on ground for relaxation and fitness regime of guests. Purple Tuip also has facilities for business meetings and events hosting.


Chateau De Trybze


Price: N12,500

Just a minutes walk from the Chateau De Trybze brings you to the Silverbird Cinemas and Shoprite Mall which means, shopping for your favorite and most needed items during your stay at the Chateau De Trybze as well as taking time off from your schedule to see a move would prove no difficulty at all. The rooms at the Chateau De Trybze are comfortable, clean and up to standard. Rooms are also air conditioned and have Flat TV screens that show cable stations. Guests can also request for laundry services, airport pick up and drop off and car hire at considerate price.